Weezer - Hash Pipe (Live at AXE Music One Night Only)

Music video by Weezer performing Hash Pipe live at AXE Music: One Night Only. (C) 2001 Geffen Records

Weezer - Hash Pipe (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) Смотреть онлайн
Lucas Lofrano
rivers dont know what to do without a guitar lel

ben bolt
1:35 needs to be a gif.
Connor Schultz
2:44 That's Elliott Morgan
I like it how Rivers casually touches his nipple after saying "the taste of a teat"
Spidey Vision
Rivers is going all Tom Delonge with his hash poipe
Dylan Gower
I gomma hash poipe
Fellow Homosapien
3:02 "I got my hash po-ipe
This was my inspirational song before I ran a half marathon last weekend.
Dan Braun
what an annoying looking crowd. obviously screened - lots of frat boy plants
Finally, Brian gets to play a solo
Oh no, he has his Hash Poipe!
Tomás Cullen
I love how the drums look like the Argentinian Flag :D
Leon Barton
2018, this song of many to be brought up, is legit!
Smoke Em if you got em!
Eli W
Why didn't they have Pat on drums?
Guitar hero live material right here! Put a GoPro Cam on the lead guitarist and filmed this shit, it would make a DLC that would fly off the shelves… Metaphorically speaking.
Marcy Gonzalez
Rivers looks so funny just dancing around lol
Petopato Dumbledore
Rivers, maybe you should play the lead guitar and Patrick play the drums :v
Patrick A.
2:44 Elliott C. Morgan
The Stobe
Jesus, Josh can still beat the hell out of dem skins.
nvm you dont get it.