Florence + The Machine - Vevo GO Shows: Dog Days Are Over

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VEVO GO Shows presents Florence + The Machine performing "Dog Days Are Over" at an impromptu set at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, Ca. (C) 2010 Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company.

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Her voice is really special to me :3
i smile like a manic when i hear her voice
Bruno Martinez
So simply, absolutelly perfect !!
Marc Dunlop
Absolutely different class.
Vanessa R.
Is that Nick Grimshaw @ 2:55?
Sophie Wilson
Shes so hot im dying
222 people should be hounded doggedly--without pause...
Dead poolmonkey
How do they still get dislikes on there videos ahahha the hate is that real.
Jordan A
I highly respect artists who do intimate gigs like that!
Juan Carlo Gonzales
Besides having a great sense of music, she also has a great soul :)
so lovely! love listening to their live sesh!
María Victoria Ferrer
I do love impromptu sets! and I love Florence even more...Beautiful work!
Serenity Chacon
Hearing you live makes me cry with so much joy. Thank you!
Alfred Wigmore
Aymar Espada lobo
where is the piano?
Larissa Marvila
perfect 😻
leilani vermillion
its my theme song even tho im not apart of a show or comic its my life theme song :33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 THE DOG DAYS ARE OVER WOOO!!!
Gunnar Jones
This band SUCKS. This is their hit??
Came here from TBP... Honestly she seems pretty cool and it's a good (different) voice.
I like the pentatonix version of it though.
Nothing wrong with this one.