Jimmy Eat World - My Best Theory

Music video by Jimmy Eat World performing My Best Theory. (C) 2010 DGC Records

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Kristy Marie Smith
For anyone who is curious as to what this song is about:<br /><br />In an interview, the band's frontman Jim Adkins said:<br /><br />"The song is about finding your individuality in a world where extremes are more and more presented as your only option."<br /><br />Source - Wikipedia
Hard to believe this was back in 2010, the years move real quickly
Michael Smith
I can't believe this came out in 2010! I love this song and Invented was one of my favourite albums that year. <br /><br />I still remember the day I bought it like it happened just yesterday...can't believe how fast time is passing us by!
Frank O
Wow, Jimmy Eat World is one awesome band, and this song proves it.
Damn even back in 2010 Jimmy Eat World was progressing with homosexuality. Good job guys :)
such an underrated song by them
chris mcdonald
I love this song
Can't get enough of this tune- I show the love by blasting it for all to hear when cruising in my car!  If anyone has any "inside info" defining the meaning of the song, please enlighten me.  Cuz it's deeper than it sounds, so it's bound to have a story behind it that I haven't found...
Hard to believe its been 7 years already and counting.
Adam Smith
top song, weird video!
acid trip feat. avian daft punk
Azz F
Loonymarty confirm
Pancho Just Pancho
"It's been a long time.... so long. There's only one life I know."
Joe O'Malley
Awesome song. Love it.
Eva-Luca Theunisse
Amazing track!
totally cool
FaZe Depressed [CS:GO and more!]
Ive been looking for this song for almost 6 years for just the simple lyric of "its already in me"
David Castellanos
Aww this song is trash loved in the middle should have put out more songs about things like that :(
this is how lesbianism started in star wars era
Noelia Killjoy
omg i'm obsessed with the guitar riff in this song <3