Soundgarden - Black Rain

Music video by Soundgarden performing Black Rain. Directed by Brendon Small of Metalocalypse. (C) 2010 A&M Records

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Chris Cornell is a Rock God. There's no other explanation for those vocals.
Chris Cornell should be the next AC/DC vocalist, not Axl Rose.
Whats Dethklok doing in the vid ? (Song is awesome btw)
Tour Guide
this is honestly the coolest music video i have ever seen
Man, Soundgarden might be more Alt Rock than metal at times, but when they do metal, they do Metal good.
rich watkin
Cornell drinks gasoline eats glass smokes forests and stands astride the earth like colossus
..inhumanly badassed
So.... Dethklok were used as fuel for some sort of magical Viking super-robot which was operated by the guys from Soundgarden..... right.....
krishnendu piplai
lot of Black Sabbath here
So apparently Soundgarden likes Metalocalypse. The animated versions of themselves look badass too
Pendulum Panda
Probably the best Grunge song in terms of vocals... or everything else in my opinion.
Joe Robertson
I think the animator wanted to let everyone know that Soundgarden have become rock gods.
That kid is actually playing Black Rain on GH Warriors of Rock.
Soundtallica in Chains
Well, what's the outcome of the fight? Did the Soundgarden robot thing defeat the glowing bugs?
mega spesh
R.I.P Chris Cornell you are a true rock god
i always though that line was "feeding off the blonde that's running from a black guy" hahahha
Thomas Anderson
Soundgarden are the true defenders of the universe. In 1994 They thwarted the mighty black hole sun on the 4th of july after being severely injured in an almost catastrophic limo wreck. This all occurred after the rise of the fabled "mailman", conqueror of  planets who planned to use his evil powers to summon the mighty cthulu and take over planet earth. The heroes of Earth, Soundgarden, sacrificed there safety like suicide to defend the planet, and impressed mother Earth herself. She likes surprises. Kim Thayil tore Cthulu's fresh tendrils apart with his mighty Guild SG, Whilst Ben Shepherd summoned the mystical "spoonman" to aid Soundgarden in there fight for Earth. Chris Cornell sliced the mailman in half, then Matt Cameron impaled him with his kickstand and threw him into the Atlantic ocean where his last words were "Let me drown, this next wave will be my wave". The mailman's dead body was washed away into the ocean and never to be seen again. This day was dubbed by Chris Cornell as "The day I tried to live" and the world fell on black days as spoonman disappeared and kept his head down and Soundgarden came alive in the superunkown, waiting for the day the Earth will need them again. 16 years later, black rain began to fall on the streets of Seattle..... 
Dave Gahan
Chris Cornel´'s voice is just amaizing!
Border Bandit
who else remembers playing this song on guitar hero warriors of rock
To me Black Rain is a Top 5 Soundgarden song. If not Top 10.