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When the roll is called up yonder

I hope you see me there

It's in the water, it's where you came from

It's in the water, it's whereyou came from

When the crowd begins to wonder

And they cry to see your face

It's in the water, it's in the story, of where you came from

Your sons and daughters, in all their glory, it's gonna shape her

And when they clash and come together, andstart rising

Just drink the water where you came from, where you came from

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this video makes me wanna have a picnic with black kids
Abhishek Basnyat
Imagine Dragon's Radioactive ruined the search for this song.
Boswell Percy and Chandler
I'm a avid admirer of music - from Arctic Monkeys, to Beyonce, to Beethoven to Jack White to Tove Lo. But after coming across KoL, it brought a whole new perspective to my life. Honestly it's hard to describe that period where you're hooked to a particular artist and it's all you listen you. Their music is soo soothing, emotional and it makes you calmer and think more deeply about life and what's around you!
Bárbara Martins
I love this band <3
When the choir starts to sing with them i get chills every time.
Kike Aguilar
one of the few good songs of this shitty millenium
Emily Plays
When Gnarls Barkley released "Crazy", people didn't go... well, crazy comparing it to Willie Nelson's or Seal's songs of the same name. This is just damn foolish.
For a second I was like "no fucking way kings of Leon made radioactive........ Oh....... This is a different radioactive"
Zachary Thomason
I first heard this song SIX YEARS AGO!! Why am I getting older!!!??
abhishek ghosh
I'd prefer Kings of Leon's Radioactive over Imagine dragons. This is a song. The latter just a catchy tune.
Abhishek Basnyat
better than imagine dragon's radioactive
Sarah Riedel
There is so much joy in this song and video it touched me in the midst of my deepest grief.
Why everyone needs to compare it with Imagine Dragons's Radioactive? They are not versions of the same music, they just have the same name. It's just as fool as compare all the Jacks in the world.
This Radioactive came out first, people. (It's better too.)
Lester Morales Leon
i lisent this band for first time 14 years ago and steal amazing...
Anna Sahlstrom
Beautiful song! I interpret it as being connected to your heritage and your history.
Froof De Badger
Oh look it's the good radioactive
59 and love these guys, Super Soaker is so underrated
rohan ramgude
can someone please explain me what the song means ?
that's what i like about america!
And Nirvana.
And Foo Fighters.
And Black Keys.