Assassin of the Tsar

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On the night of 16-17 June 1918, without any court case or investigation, Czar Nikolai II, his family and some of the people closest to them were assassinated in Yekaterinburg. Several decades on, an "eyewitness", at one time a prison inmate and now a long-term resident at a psychiatric hospital, believes he assassinated the czar, and recounts the events of that terrible night.

- Official member of the Cannes Film Festival main contest, France (1991)

- Grand Prize at the International Film Festival, Belgrade (1991)

- "Nika" Award for Best Costume Designer (Romanova, V.) (1992)

- "Nika" Award for Best Actor in the films "Assassin of the Tsar" and "Passport" given to Yankovsky O.I. (1992)

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Tsarevna Hilda
OMG! The child actor in this movie portraying Alexei is soo handsome! Just look at his smile at 49:49
Amanda Emilie
Great film! Malcolm at his best as always!
Tsarevna Hilda
If you open a description of this film and read the plot, it is the mental institution inmate who is indeed, schitzophrenic, the one who is admiting he supposedly killed tsar Nicholas II. So all the flashbacks portrayed in this movie about the royal family are supposedly memories for him.
Tsarevna Hilda
I think I'm in love with the boy playing Alexei in this movie.
array s
pistols? they were using rifles to kill the romanovs, they even bayonet their bodies to make sure they're dead.
Dmytry Locarev
Блядь. что это за пиздец на англ языке для Американских недоебков? аж уши режет непривычное произношение русских актеров.
k m venezia
Rey enjoyed this film
Turkey Bird
I know they were killed in July of 1918, but this movie says that it happened on the 16th of July. When I looked it up, I found that some cites said it happened on the 17th. I guess, now, that the answers are conflicting because no one actually knows for sure.
Rostislav Babyak
Nicholas and his family were executed in 1918.
Turkey Bird
Were the Romanovs killed on the 16th or the 17th?
Cathy Martinez
great film, Malcolm u are wonderful
Petar Matejić
ovo je veomo tuzan film :( YEBE ONI ko su ubili tsar bez rasloga!! >:(
Tsarevna Hilda
You grew up watching this movie?
the video won't load. Is it only me who's experiencing this?
Felicia Manolopoulos
Why does the doctor speak as if he's nikolai II ? is it to make the inmate admit everything?
Ohhh good times...
Tsarevna Hilda
Well, at the lunch table he looks like he is flirting.
Tsarevna Hilda
Why? Believe me, that if today he were that young he would probably make the girls pass out.
Rostislav Babyak
Now I know that you have a real problem you perv.
Tsarevna Hilda
I wanna kiss him!