Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder (VEVO Summer Sets)

Music video by Maroon 5 performing Makes Me Wonder (VEVO Summer Sets). (C) 2010 A&M/Octone Records

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What a cool stage
Jacob Comello
When Adam tells you to clap your hands, you clap your goddamn hands.
Maria Fernanda Petrearse Lanuza
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS TO THE PEOPLE THERE?! its Maroon 5!! they look so boring .-.
Sebi's Random Tech
Just a band jamming....too bad they took the pop route after this.
Ryan Nata
Best times of maroon V
seyit baran
before maroon 5 become pop music band :( I miss that music
Richi Rich
2:47 James is like "What are you doing?" lmao
Sharon Willick
They're still great & that audience was half dead or is this a millenial thing? OMG, the bass & drums & then there's Adam, he tried to wake them up...
someone in this world
this band is the best!!!!!!!!!!
sofi sofaki
he's so sexy ;)
Hana Severina
1:45 Why is Kate Middleton in the audience???
Dean Lim
Makes me wonder how do they write these beautiful songs
Eline van Otterlo
i love you adammmmm
Madelyn Yonnetti
This is one of the best live performances by adam I have seen on YouTube by far. His voice is beautiful in this and I love and cannot wait to see them live in March!!
Ben Rohloff
At 1:11 the guitarist is using a different guitar than the yellow Telecaster.  I've watched this so many times and I just noticed
Emmelie vlaminck
adam you are HOT <3.
1:10 wtf the guitar guy changed the guitar 
mervin aquino
3:05 the lady singin' in the crowd is kinda hot
Osama AbdulGawad
Adam has natural auto tune in his voice... god bless him
ray boodhoo
The best feeling in the world
is to know that your Parents
are Smiling because of You

I love my parents,
A lot, Even if they
Annoying I know
They want the
Best for Me...

A Parent's Love
is whole,
No matter
How many times

Love your Parents
We so busy Growing up,
We often forget they are
Also Growing Old.


Father And Mother I Love You