Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - Anything Goes (Studio Video)

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TONY BENNETT & LADY GAGA: CHEEK TO CHEEK will be released on September 23.

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damn she sounds so good! 
Kunt Destroyer
I'm a huge music snob and this video and song is exactly why I will always respect lady gaga and what ever she puts out.
Sinatra always said Tony Bennett was his favorite singer
Fallout? Anyone?😄
Kunt Destroyer
Fall Out fans anyone?! :D
never been a lady gaga fan but I have to say whole new level of respect this was awesome.
Kat Blaque
Sad some people legitimately don't know that this is a cover. :/

Gosh i'm so glad I took theater in middle and high school... 
Lowkey Legend
You kids who don't enjoy this album because it's not her usual type of music, have no concept of diversity or showmanship. I for one really appreciate this album, a great showcase of talent and diversity from Gaga and Tony, who co-exist tremendously in this album. I don't want to completely bash a group of people for having a different opinion than me but, you guys should try to expand your musical taste from just one style of music. That's the beautiful thing about music, it's not subjective to one style or genre; good music is good music. Also, don't say "it's because I'm too young", I'm 19.
Raffie Quler
Loving the auto-tune here. Just kiddin' kids. Gaga is an awesome singer. She is on another level when singing jazz. So much class, so fine. Thank you, Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga is the only artist in history to win Grammys for both Dance/Electronic album and Traditional Pop album!
Huy Lê
New jazz album is coming this year Tony has confirmed XD
Kunt Destroyer
To anyone who was actually commenting on Lady Gaga's stomach and "flab" first off let met me say fuck you. Do you not know what skinny means? and to anyone who says Lady Gaga isn't a true musician or whatever. She writes a lot of her own lyrics, and can sing (proof this video). I admire her for that. Also her performance at half time was worth the money.
They are magical together! They need to make another album together!!!!
Luk 100
Omg gaga can sing pop,jazz,soul,rock,national anthem, opera she is really Godess of music,
josemir aleman
Please don't compare her with Madonna anymore. Madonna doesn't deserve it.
Andrés Zapata
Only Gaga, shes so talented.
Tony is a legend. SLAY.<3
Mark Boston
What an amazing pairing . They were born to do duos together ! What a team !
The Gardevoir Trainer
Fallout 4 xD
Petterson Publisher
Maravilhoso! Encontro de grandes ícones, um encontro de geração, de talento e principalmente, de vozes.
shady boots
All I keep seeing from the haters is "flop flop flop", as if chart positions and popularity immediately determine how TALENTED an artist is. At the end of the day, Gaga is immensely talented, and no matter how much you deny it, it's factual. Because guess what? There are tons of famous "artists" out there who don't even sing well and rely on autotune and catchy beats for every song. Yes, Gaga uses autotune and catchy beats too a lot of the time, but she doesn't RELY on it. She has an amazing voice, and she proves it by always singing live at her shows.

Do I wish Gaga was topping the charts right now and more famous than ever? Of course I do. I love her. But am I pissed that she isn't? No, because Gaga is perfectly happy doing what she does, and she doesn't give two shits about the charts or the cash. She's not your average, spoon-fed, manufactured pop star. She's an artist through and through, and she's said it millions of times that she makes music because it's something that she loves to do, not because she just wanted to be rich and famous.

I find all of you who hate on Gaga quite ignorant if your general consensus is that because she's not at the top of the charts right now, she's some kind of irrelevant, talentless hack or something. She's the epitome of an artist and a superstar, and I'm not just saying this because I'm a fan. I genuinely feel that way.
Matt Converse
It's official, Cheek to Cheek debuts at #1 on Billboard, Gaga's third consecutive #1 album and Tony becomes the oldest person to ever have a #1 album at 88!  Paws up!