Lady Gaga - Gypsy (VEVO Presents)

Lady Gaga performing Gypsy live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

© 2013 Interscope

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Andrew Peterson
Gaga is the one. Fuck album sales and that shit. Gaga is supreme!
Jambob Mills
One artist who never fails to make me cry, feel brave, make me smile, make me think, make me love, the only artist who truly touches me in my core :) Mother Monster, Lady Gaga :)
Jambob Mills
I just cant stop watching this video. My whole face lights up seeing Lady Gaga smile whilst performing her music. She's the most beautiful person on the inside and outside and Mother Monster brings so much joy to the depressing era of music we have now.
Mingyu Wu
this song is beautiful. literally, i can't live a day with out going on utube and listen. Gaga is awesome, and i am in awe that gaga doesn't use auto tune! :)
Mireya Milan
Zagor Te-Nay
Why has GIPSY not been turned into a SINGLEEEE???? Love this motherf**king song...
Kelsey Benedict
oh my gosh artpop did not come out a year ago. feels like yesterday...
Ali Ajami
the guy at <a href="">4:20</a> had no idea what were the lyrics hahaha. anyways amazing performance as usual. Never dispointed
Ben Lau
this song makes me so sad
Arnaldo Colón
<a href="">2:43</a> and <a href="">3:57</a> are the reasons that I listen to this song so much. I don't know, but the "I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, a Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy I'm" is so addictive and catchy! Does anybody else sing that part of the song all the time?
Putra Wahyu S
this is better than on the SNL tbh
Niloofar Tomlinson
<b>Best song ever</b>
Hamuza Mohd Azizan
I would be probably use this song for my aerobics event at school
jasmijn obbink
Tyler Oakley brought me here :)))
ughhhh goosebumps every time
What the hell I rarely get goosebumps. Much respect for Gaga.
Sarii Germanotta
Gaga is our Lovely little Gypsy Princess♥
Sunny Monroe
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Ben Richardson
I've never seen Gaga live before but I think I'll probably go see her on the Joanne tour. This is one of my favorite songs of all time and I would actually cry if it wasn't on the setlist.
Lemon Grab
Guys... she's not lip syncing.<br /><br />There's a backing track for some of the chorus and the "come away with me" echoes. She also has some backup singers.<br /><br />You wanna know how I know it's not lip syncing? She missed some notes (which is excusable in such an upbeat live performance), and she also sang some variations from the actual melody.<br /><br />You could go onto any live music video from a mainstream artist nowadays and accuse them of lip syncing, and 8 times out of 10 you'd be right. GaGa is one of the 2 artists out of that 10 that does not lip sync. She deserves respect for that, even if you hate her music.