Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory (Live on American Idol)

Lady Gaga performing The Edge of Glory (Live on American Idol). © 2011 Interscope Records

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory (Live on American Idol) Смотреть онлайн
Gert Philips
Makers from League of Legends, I think we got a new skin for Lissandra
wallace torrieri
Her voice sounds different in eqach performance, Shes kinda of a Vocal actress. flawless
I still remember this omg nostalgia its been 6 years already?
Damien de Beus
Clearly most of the people reacting here don't know about this amazing sax player. His name is Clarence Clemons and he was part of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. And in fact you clearly don't know this man died two weeks after this performance. This was his last performance and Gaga just wanted him to have a good and positive last performance on national tv, only because of these people who don't know about this, they just spread hate.
Anderson Luis. Germosen Rosario.
I dont know how to explain all that i feel when I listen this single, is like magic. i love this gaga!
how the hell she sounds better live??? She's a damn witch i tell you
Lea Meadows
her voice is awesome
Pam Lebis
just watched taylor swift and katy perry's live performances, but none of them makes me like to watch them live than lady gaga... yet.... still looking for other performances and artists live...
this would be my favorite performance of lady gagas if the sax player was in sync.
Olivia Rivera
I was like 9 when I first saw this performance and reading all the comments made me sad because they all said, "the saxophone player was so off, blah blah blah" that's fucking Clarence Clemons, he died literally two weeks after this give him a damn break. 9 year old me was more mature than most of you haters. #RipClarence :((
Drogon Targaryen
Ivan Espinoza
all her eras screamed 80s which i loved so much omg !!!!
Arca de Elvis
The volume is too low.
Frost Bolt
I died when I saw lissandra on stage. GG.
Such a queen I have years without watching her performances, she's the freaking queen of pop, Madonna who?
Matheus Martins
R.I.P Clarence ♥
Great performance from Gaga but what the fuck was the sax player doing?!
Đô Đào
i miss that Gaga :(
She looks like a Power Ranger villain at the beginning