Lady Gaga - Fashion Of His Love


Lady Gaga - Fashion Of His Love Смотреть онлайн
One of the best on the album! <3
Oscar Medellín
the amazing fact about BTW album, it's that each song has a very different sound. It's like you can take a single song and make a new album with that concept.
i don't know
but, for me
this is the best fucking album of 2010's. <3
and charts wont tell me what im gonna hear.
Damein Bell
the best song .. so 80s so Whitney
Nito Stowers
I love how a little bit of Earthquake is in this song :D
Pedro Álvarez
born this Way is the album of the millennium tbh
Janet Cooper
This kinda sounds like "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" by the late Whitney Houston...I love it!!!
Jessik Lopez
I hate the fact how she underestimated this masterpiece
Jeffery Lamar Williams
I love this part so much 1:34
Jambob Mills
This just shows how sweet and beautiful Gaga is. The fact she makes such a fitting tribute of joy, happiness and love to her Friend Alexander McQueen and put it on an album with the message of love and acceptance. Their is no lady like her :) She appreciates all the support and creativity people give her during her career.
Tony Gandalf
I love this 80's style song. Reminds me of Whitney!!!!
david kiria
i thought that this was the only gaga song that i didnt like but i now feel the power ! <3
Ondrea Wayland
Was researching Alexander McQueen for a project and heard of this song dedicated to him by Gaga. Had to look it up. :) Love it.
can someone explain me what "Fashion of his love" exactly means?
Janea Williams
This song was dedicated to Alexander McQueen. Today marks 5 years of his death. Rest in Paradise to a great fashion design legend. One of my idols and greatest muses. <3
Angelina Rita
Love this Woman
Love this voice
Love my mother monster
Paws Up 0/
Alejandro Herod
Fernando Garibay working on LG5, who produced this song. I'M EXCITED!!!
cute sweet song :)
Josh Gomez
Very underrated song, I love it so much
Mozart Herbert
LOVE this EPIC parts 1:35 2:20 <3