Lady Gaga - Hair (Audio)


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Muca Muriçoca
still waiting on a music video five years later gaga!!
Sometimes I cry because this masterpiece has not a music video.
Here I am 6 years later.. listening to this song again. ✨💁🏼‍♂️♥️
caine x
i feel like this could of been a number one single
*5 years later..
I still think that this song deserves a music video. <3*
Dillon Longoria
Who else agrees this song is underrated?
Kyle Bradley
When I was in high school this album helped so much. Song still gives me extreme goosebumps
encouraging confidence for all human beings since she beginning of time. i love her so much, such a good role model
James Cawthorne
I cannot even thank Gaga enough for Born This Way. As a young teenager, just finding himself, this record came out at the perfect time. This era was just so perfect!

I miss it so damn much!
Canarino Mannaro
Today my father told me that he has always known that I'm gay and he said "I love you even more because you are my son. No matter what, I still love you"

thank you dad, i love you too 💖
Chris Brauer
This album got me through a lot in high school. It'll always be special to me.
Here because of Tyler Oakley
Ryan Bucio
anyone 2016??
Tom Russle
I wanted so bad this to be a single
Jasmine Huete
This song has truly kept me alive. I'm transgender and i've been in the process for about a year. I think about killing myself all the time and not having to endure the pain any longer almost everyday. But this song, this song allows me to feel like she understands. The pain and struggle. I am not a freak and i just wanna be myself and love who i am. I know some people have their opinions on this song, but for me, it's kept me alive and positive to push through and to never demean myself. I am my Hair :D
I just dyed my whole head of hair pink <3
Renan Souza
This song makes me feel so great about myself
I don't care what people say about you Gaga!!!
you're the queen, My queen, we can choose who will be our queen,
and mine is you ♥
Gabriela Antunes
Holly fuck!!! gaga you need to back to pop right now! pls this is pure ART !!!
Charles Pispisano