Band of Horses - Laredo

Music video by Band of Horses performing Laredo. (c) 2010 Huger Lewis and the Dudes Inc.

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Mark S.
First song I heard after a month of surgeries, therapy, and recovery from a ruptured brain aneurysm. I turned on the radio and this song made me smile. Thank you Band of Horses.
Cameron Peterson
The acoustic version at KEXP is my favorite version of this song
Bekah Resendez
I have a special connection to this band... I own Chris's cat's spawn... yeah, pretty big deal.
Paco Lomma
Be strong be true
Love this song, check out Band of Horses Live on KEXP. It will take your respect level for these guys even higher.
I have been to Laredo. I liked it. Party town. I get in to much trouble across that border. lol Better keep my nuts on THIS side of that border.
Joseph Ventrice
They sound a lot like the old Neil Young band Crazy Horse.
Kamille :3
James Ryan
hairy buggers.  good song though.
James R. Ford
Great, clean fuzzed guitar riffs. Vocals are very polished, clean. Sounds more like a pop song than others I've heard from this band.
Antonia McCutcheon
I love this band! They are so real.
Jen Ahlers
hi! i'm jen! i dance around and sing this song at 4 am when i'm drunk off my ass! sonetimes i burst into tears because i have emotional problems!
i thought this was matthew sweet.
Michael Morrison

Its all been done before
Its all been said
All the love has been loved
All the books written
Have been read.

M.S. Morrison
honey revenge
beautiful song, phenomenal band. applause.
Israel Arellano
I live in laredo. The young people that live here nag about how boring it is. Everyone else that visits falls in love with the city. :P
shichibukai tetsuo
Indie country goodness
Jason Donato
I don't think they have written a song I don't like!!!
They're at Pappy and Harriets!!!