Interpol - Lights

"Lights," the first video from Interpol's fourth album, out in September. Directed by Charlie White © 2010 Matador Records

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Justin Zoeller
am i the only one who thinks this could be a 10 mins song and it just started getting good. :/
marco sanchez
1. interpol is timeless... acrónico.... 2. this video is art in all its forms
alie_ amare
I Did Not like that video
This is my favorite Tool video!

Oh, it's not Tool?

The guitar reminds me of Joy Division "Insight" at the beginning. I know people say the beginning guitar riff is a rip off of The Chameleons "Don't Fall" but it is only 2 or 3 chords. One can't deny that The Chameleons & Joy Division are a big influence on Interpol.
Susan Slaphappy
wheres the beetle at dammit!?!?
I just really hate how this song and 'Barricade' are singled out and the album is seen as the worst. The self-titled album is a masterpiece, all one has to do is listen and feel the music.
You know what's awesome about music? You can enjoy it without ever watching the music video for it.
Afroswine Hoggintons
So, what is the meaning of this video? I know there's that one lil' genius somewhere that knows it... there always is. 
Matthew Hohenbery
Reminiscent of a Tool video.
Disappointed. Not a single dat ass comment. Anyway dat ass @2:52
David Drummer
4:30 brazzers
shawn shipwreck
Beginning sounds similar to The Killers song "All the Pretty Faces"
Ryanzin Gameplay
Eu fico de um jeito tão gratificante ouvindo essa música
This track is dark and one of their best
This will always and forever be my favorite music video ever!
Probably one of my favorite songs as well.
Babí Miranda
'-' que video.....Diferente!
Fucking fade out almost ruins the song... Should have a climax and ended there
Dr. Zoidberg
... Milk! That's what I forgot to pick up at the store today, milk. I knew something was bugging me.