Brandon Boyd - Runaway Train

Music video by Brandon Boyd performing Runaway Train. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

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Paige Mills
Awesome, underrated song!
So many memories with this song!! Can't believe it's been SIX years since this came out!! Brandon, you are timeless!!
Ari Stamas
underrated song. this guy can flat out sing.
George S.
He's trying so hard to get out of the belly of the 'bull' (industry). Oh but does he love it when they use their 'talent' to make it 'rain' (money). This love triangle (heart on a scale) has caused him to become a runaway train.

He says these 'clever things' (lyrics) to be deciphered because he can not speak of the truth.
Jovanna Martinez
I'm obsessed with this song!! Brandon is pure talent
Paula Gisselle
😗. Awesome song.
Paula Gisselle
Sweet video!
Roxie S
god i love his voice... bliss
He is talking in cryptic about trying to escape the belly of the "beast". Basically put he is saying he is trying to remove himself from the grasp of the "Illuminati" or negative powers that be that is within the music industry. The "love" triangle he speaks of is peoples popular opinion and love for mainstream things. He tries so hard to remove himself from it (Possibly occult relations) but ends up loving it when he regresses back to the system or industry. "Oh should I douse the sparks or fan the flames" Speaks of the torn decision within him to either remove himself and inform people of the system or should he support it. The part were he talks of "Oh how I do love the rain" is cryptic for saying besides those feelings he does love the money and perks that comes with association with the "industry".  The runaway train is society and what the system is bringing the world to...which the entire song including "they have a talent for making trouble seem enjoyable.." line indicates that it is very negative. A brilliant man. I wish him the best. I also see this was from years ago.......sad that many never got to see it. If only they knew what he is speaking of.
Should I douse the spark or fan the flame or merely think of clever things to say? 
Carrie Lynn
I am so oddly turned on by his hands!!
I think the interpretation of this song by most people is perhaps over analyzed. I believe the song is about having an open relationship or non traditional one and the situations that ensue in that type of relationship. Have you ever seen the flirtation of your lover in front of your eyes and struggled with your ego's back lash as it happens. All the while knowing that if you fan the flames or douse the spark the results are beyond your control. Fear of losing what you love, while allowing your love to experience new loves is not an easy task. 
anyone else get undertones of the music video for "dig" in this video?
robert Larson
I thought he was doing a remake of "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum in the 90's! Saw Incubus in concert on my 44th birthday. Fuckin' Awesome!
Charles Baez
why are people talking about north korea here ?? .-.
Um Jim Bates...this is Brandon's solo album get with it or get lost...and lets not spew crap about incubus...they are an amazing band in their entirety.I'm sorry you don't appreciate their maturity or talent as a group and as individuals.
Mike Powers
I love Brandon. <3
Janae M
I cannot stop listening to this song!! Especially the live version in Chilé! Nice work Mr. Boyd! ;)
Roxie S