Bon Jovi - We Don’t Run

Bon Jovi - We Don’t Run (Lyric Video)

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Alessandro del Piero Herrera Monjarás
Bon Jovi siempre ha sabido adaptarse a las nuevas épocas, Esta canción tiene un sonido muy moderno, pero aun asi no pierden su esencia. Además, la canción esta mejor que muchas de las actuales :)
Will Bon Jovi ever stop being awesome?<br /><br /><br />Probably not.
Ben Holmes
It's been a while since the last song and this is amazing
My mom is a fan of bon jovi since she was 15 and now i'm 15 and i love bon jovi. Btw she still loves you guys more than anything!
Paola Jovi Hoffman
omg!!! This song is amazing, Jon and David it's a perfect duo, Tico is a phenomenal drummer, Hugh is a great bass player I hope Phil X play guitar in this album, I can't wait for the new album....Bon Jovi Rocks!!!!
Juan David Rodriguez
body pump anyone?
Dan Oracle
Anyone else excited for This House Is Not for Sale?
This is the best Bon Jovi song for the last decade!!!ANTHEM!!!!!!
Pamela McNabb
They are still one of the best groups.
Aryan Kapoor
Please come back Richie! We need more smokin awesome solos!
Morgan Carr
I love Bon Jovi<br />But in all seriousness <br />This reminds me of a Fall Out Boy song.<br /><br />I dig it though. :)
Carlos Andres Contreras Escalona
One of the greteast bands ever
Martha Ibarra
RockTheNights Oze Toni
Back to their!
Diana Ornelas
Probably the best band ever despite all those years. Im such a huge fan!!! ❤
Love it, it sounds current but also has Bon Jovi splattered all over it. Oh how id love to Sambora backing vocals on it though :(
Best song in the album( in my opinion)
Agustino Romulo
Know this song from Body Pump 97. Great song!
Mateusz Chariton
"Slippery when wet", "New Jersey" it was fucking awesome albums and all songs it was something great. This is only pop song with more guitars, it's not rock. I miss for old, good hard rock signed by Bon Jovi.
Mariana Debono
Totally love this song, btw really missed you guys! Glad you're back ♡