Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi: Inside the Circle

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Bon Jovi: Inside the Circle. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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35.000 vist... :V
rina praba
i've seen it in alot of comments in youtube about bon jovi :D
Aracely C
lol! I was laughing as Jon said that xD Crazy Loyal fan here!
Tori Raymond
What Jon said made my heart swell. I will always be a die hard and loyal fan to you guys <3 Bon Jovi!
fanny Bonjovi
I would do anything to see them live!!!!!
Mònica M
I'm one of thses Crazy loyal fans and I'm proud of it!
Bon Jovi and U2 two of the best bands around today. Bon Jovi is clearly superior though ;p I love them both though.
Natascha de Jong
DIE U2 fans DIE! Kiddin, love them 2..
Jack's Username Though
Like this if you're a crazy loyal fan in England! Like myself!
I'm one of those crazy loyal fans - Bon Jovi Forever!
haha! You should come to kentucky soon! D: I'm turning 18 july 20, three days before your concert in louisville! I'm so excited! You'll be the first concert i'm going to, haha!
loyal....since?!? lost count!! love form Portugal!!! please return
Cinthia Vera
I´m a loyal and crazy fan since 1991!!!! I love you John!!! I´ll be waiting for you...♥♥♥
cool gamer
i am loyal to this band and it gets so mad when other ''fans'' say they suck now,hello they have gotten better and will continue to be the greatest band of all time
Here i am toooo guys!! But please, PLEASE COME TO ITALY!!!! It's time!!! Isn't it??
Hannah Brown
The Bon Jovi fans, like me, have better taste than other band fans!!! LOL!! :)
Jovi Berton
ahahha but tomorrow i m gonna kiss a u2 fan
Daniel Tyge Thybol
second comment! ;) 5/5 .. BON JOVI ROCKS!!!
Sounding7 Trumptet
wow 5/5 . i'm the first coment jajaj. good job