These Are The Breaks, Ep. 2: So, You're Into Vinyl?

Take a look inside the art and culture of DJing with the VEVO Original Series: These Are The Breaks, Ep. 2: So...You're Into Vinyl? More episodes coming soon!

These Are The Breaks, Ep. 2: So, You're Into Vinyl? Смотреть онлайн
Голубь Петька
This is russia bitch
leandro caldas
dj ny love
This is an awesome video. Record digging is a life! What up to dj Felli Fel, thanks for the $20 tip you gave me when I drooped by the studio (power106) with a couple of pizzas.
@corzanation In fact, the intro song is called "Pon De Floor". It's from Major Lazer's first album. Major Lazer is 2 producers: Diplo and Switch. Diplo himself reworked the track for Beyoncé.
@OneLifeWalking The intro song is Beyonce "Run The World (Girls)" (Instrumental) or otherwise the track that runs through the whole video is Deepbluezue "Don't Stop". Hope I answered your question. Peace
Jax Teller
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Gilciany francielle
Olá meu nome é Paty, Quando começar a ler essa mensagem não pare. A 5 anos eu morri atropelada, pois uma garota que dizia ser minha melhor amiga me empurrou na frente de um carro. Envie essa mensagem a 10 músicas, ou as 2:00 da manha dessa noite eu vou aparecer no seu quarto e te matarei. Não é brincadeira, acredite!!
What is the first song name?
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Kaz Piech
listen to fountain of love by kaz piech
was that hawthorne cutting?
Clint Graham
@iNahoumTV its called sweat
DJ Dlott303 mile high
@a32ozcoldcup just hit f5 homie that ill do da trick
amelia geo
what is the song of 0:002...
dj. jazzy jeff!!!! fuck all these other light ass kids.
Christopher Jones
The song is Pon Di Floor by Major Lazer Ft. Vybez Kartell
If this is a video about vinyl, why do they keep showing dj's playing on Serato?
Mihai Ijac
if you find out please tel me :))
Suly Rojas
whats the name of the introduction song???? anyone ty
What is the song of the introduction ?! the first sound that we heard ?!