Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine (Alternate Version)

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Bad Medicine. (C) 1988 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Lisa Rowe
I'm somewhere in this mess of a video...They gave people cameras and let them shoot it from the audience. Was an interesting experience. Pretty cool idea. My friend's 5-year old kid is down in the front some place, but still can't find me or her anywhere in it after all these years, but I'm there.... :D
Misterio 399
this is rock
Jeanette Sprague
Oh how funny the time on this video is 4:20 LMAO
I want to get married with Park Jimin
So Bad that i was born in the 90's :D
Thaís Morganni
Hahahaaa... quem disse que escuto essa música parada? Sai cada dancinha aqui que olha! kkkkkkkkkk... Sensacional! Bon Jovi na veia! Chega logo setembroooo! BJ em Porto Alegre/RS!!!
Lynda Claire
1:45 what is Jon doing? Head butt that girl? lol Jon too dam cute! Is this another version of Bad Medicine, like Jon head butt that girl in this Video and don't see in the other video. 😳
I'm builting a time machine for the 80s...who's with me??
Lily M.
Dr wagner jr
Michael Howell
21 people for sick from expired pills.
Karim games
dr.wagner star
Carlos Wallace
0:14 Rob Halford
βγ Ιναη
Like si viniste aquí porque eres Wagnermaniaco 😎
Stallne is the man!!
Napoleão Bonaparte
Remédio ruim é o que eu preciso!
Essa banda é bom, jovem! kkkkkkkk
Geno Ivanov
Dude I dont care your comment is 1 year old...still made me cry...
Halsey Queen
haven't seen this alt version before :O oh i guess yes, but i dont remember it at all
Napoleão Bonaparte
Doc and Marty already invented it in the 80s!!
Oseias Saieso
very good the songs of my divo <3 Love more!