Bon Jovi - She Don't Know Me

Music video by Bon Jovi performing She Don't Know Me. (C) 2005 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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monica bertolini
he's soooo hot
Mily Martell
The very first Bon Jovi video I ever saw on MTV. I fell pretty hard. :P
HandyAndy Tech Tips
Classic. One of the best rock songs ever!<br /><br />The audio on this vid sucks though.
Jerome Lange
When Sarah Connor meets Jon Bon Jovi.
Rachael Ward
Teresa Murphy
they filmed the video in my little town of Benicia California I was 14 and the hill he was walking down was one block from my house
Even if it's a music video, the idea of a girl rejecting my Bon Jovi doesn't exist in my head
a clark
I saw them open for the Scorpions in the summer of 1984! It was my first concert ever at the ripe age of 14, and I was front and center! I barely knew who Bon-Jovi was. I was there for the Scorpions, but when JBJ took the stage...he immediately took control of the entire Savannah Civic Center...seriously! The Scorpions years of experience, is the only thing that kept Bon-Jovi from blowing the Scorpions off the stage that night! I saw and thought, the same thing that Richie Sambora said he thought when he first saw Jon perform, which was..."yep, this kids a star". You just knew they were going to be huge! It took 3 albums, but they finally got there! I have been a true fan ever since that killer summer!
He was so hot! Those pants are soooo tight!
Costava Jorji
Im not that good at english but its not "she doesn't know me"?
Tina the ballerina
Can't stop listen to them they're so good
Being a native Jerseyan as I am, these guys REALLY made me proud to be from there, no question about it! I knew these guys when they were smalltime, not EVERYBODY knows 'em and they came from a small town in south Jersey called Sayreville, New Jersey! :-)<br /><br />BON JOVI ROCKS!! :-)
Alexandra Lester
What more can I do, there's nothing I haven't tried <br />Still it's so hard for her to notice <br />I've tried hard to be straight <br />There's nothing left I can say <br />If only she would look my way <br /><br />[Chorus:]<br />She don't know me, she don't know <br />She don't see me, she don't care <br />She can't hear me, can't hear <br />Can not help me, she don't want <br />She don't want me like I want her <br />Like I wan't her got to tell her <br />Got to tell her that I love her <br />That I love her <br />She doesn't even know my name <br /><br />I dream of when she'll be mine <br />I dream of crossing that line <br />And holding her so tender <br />Dreaming it could come true <br />So many things I would do <br />If only you'd give me a chance <br /><br />[Repeat chorus]
United States of Kristy Interrupted
" He don't know me , He don't know , He don't see me, He don't hear, He can't hear me, He can't hear. Can not help me, He don't want ,He don't want me, like I want him, I tried to tell him "
great great song. they don't write em like this anymore.
Layne AIC
jon a sexy beast
This is my all time FAVORITE Bon Jovi song...!!!
Fabinho Pereira
nossa !!! esse é antigo hein , começo dos anos 80 🤗 Bon Jovi ... top of the top .
Sarah Connor?!
Metal Raditz
I want the ORIGINAL VIDEO of She don't know me.... please