Bon Jovi - If I Was Your Mother

Music video by Bon Jovi performing If I Was Your Mother. (C) 1993 PolyGram Video International

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Jack Sadlier
What a song. I'm 15 and none of my mates like Bon Jovi. They're missing out big time
Efendi _PL
One of the most underrated Bon Jovi songs :(
Aleksandar Stanković
Definitely one of their best songs. It deserves a lot more views.
Rosario Verano
my god this one is a killer!!
kenny P
Bon Jovi do heavy. Me gusta
Marco Gallo
This freakin' song need 200 milions views!!!!!!!!!<br />BON JOVI Rocks \m/
This is the REAL BON JOVI!!
nathan greensmith
one of the most underated jovi tracks, his vocals are at there best point in his career, and going for heavier style anthem track, and fucking killed it.
Marco Weijermars
i'm not a big Jovi fan but this song got some balls. Love it.<br />Sambora is shredding it all out.
gosh, I will always love that song! Love the power of it and the tune..amazing!
Luke Skywalkeɾ
My favourite song ever. cdshcfs
Blaze Of Glory
This song is so underrated...
Kirsty Barnes
just the power in his voice. touches the soul. makes me feel!!!
Dam this was the Bon Jovi a lot of us wanted and would like back..
Christie Kraczek
Hell yesssssss. I love this song and they just slayed it!!!Jovi freaking ROCKS
Acension Arellano
Just had my fiancé listen to this. She was in tears. She is pregnant, and we are getting married in less than a month. Bon Jovi songs have always held a special place for us, lyrically. We were together 17 - 18 years ago. We broke up, both got married and divorced to other people. We were apart for 10 years. She called me out of the blue 6 years ago, and it was like 10 years disappeared in 1 hour. Neither of us ever had kids until now. I feel quietly satisfied and blessed that things have worked out. We both grew in important ways while we were apart, and now we are finally ready to do this. We have both waited a long time to get to this point together, but after everything, I can't complain because I now have the rest of my life to be with my 1 true love, and God is blessing us not just with each other, but a baby later this year. These are awesome times for us, and I hope some of you out there get to experience something great like this, too.
Ali Duman Pak
Reminds me my high school days, still awesome. One of the best BJ songs.
Joe Whittington
Fuck yeah, damn good tune.
Ivana HR
My favourite part <a href="">2:46</a>, o baby i gotta get to close to you..
Randy Rocker
If I Was Your Mother<br />If I was your mother <br />Would you let me hold your hand <br />Would you say you were my baby <br />Would you always be my friend <br /><br />If I was your mother <br />Could I teach you what’s right <br />Could I tell you stories <br />Maybe tuck you in <br />And kiss you sweet goodnight <br /><br />Tell me what I got to do <br />To make my life mean more to you <br />I could get so close it’s true <br />If I was your mother <br /><br />Would you always believe me <br />‘Cause I’d wake up in the middle <br />Of the night <br />Just to see if you need me <br /><br />Tell me there’s no mother <br />To who you’re telling your secrets <br />And would you tell me <br />'Bout all the boys you been <br />Bringing home to meet me <br /><br />Tell me what I got to do <br />To make my life mean more to you <br />I could get so close it’s true <br />If I was yours <br /><br />Mother, mother <br />If I was your <br />Mother, mother <br /><br />When love is blood <br />You’re never on trial <br />Love don’t get deeper <br />Than a mother and child <br />Oh baby, I got to get that <br />Close to you <br /><br />Tell me what I got to do <br />To make my life mean more to you <br />I could get so close it’s true <br />If I was yours <br /><br />Tell me what I got to be <br />To make you a part of me <br />There’s no one else you’d ever need <br />If I was your <br /><br />Mother, mother <br />If I was your mother <br />Mother, mother <br /><br />Mother, mother <br />If I was your mother <br />Mother, mother