Sabaton - Screaming Eagles

Music video by Sabaton performing Screaming Eagles. (C) 2011 Nuclear Blast GmbH

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the special effects in this music video are better than most movies...
Matt Petrigala
Great song. I love it. It's really amazing that in the middle of one of Europe's harshest winters, outgunned and surrounded, the 101st held on long enough to be relieved. One of those last stands you see in almost every war, although thankfully this time it didn't end with the defenders being overrun.
Seb King
"Glad I'm not in Bastogne"
Ignore this comment if you don't want a history lesson. On the contrary, the MG-34 used 7.92x57 mm Mauser ammunition. The M1919, however, did use .30 Cal rounds while it's heavier counterpart, the M2 Browning, was chambered for .50 Cal rounds so it could be used on vehicles and in aircraft armaments.
The only criticism I have toward this video is that they seem to portray the 101st having paradropped into Bastogne when in actuality they got there by trucks just 2 hours before the first German units arrived in the area. They had to use trucks because the weather was keeping the majority of allied air power grounded. Which is why the German choose that time of year to launch their offensive to give their plan the best chance of success. Other than that technicality, the reenactors did well
Sabaton is really some of the nicest people ever! I seen them in Chicago on their first US tour. Got to hang out with them. Take pictures. And just talk! I got every one of them to sign my Jacket and Cd and the Drumstick i caught! They took the time to do all of this stuff for me! And not just for me but others as well! They are by far the nicest and best band out there! And we had a hell of a show! I felt so honored because some of Joakim's Sweat fell on me :P SABATON! \M/
Lorran Gotler
kd os br?
kevin cortez
Two words.

Holy shit.
Panda Theft
this makes the germans look like pussies oh how worng this si the germans are damn good fighters they draggged that war out for the long run
Sick mic flip at 1:00
Gavin Russell
Edward Mosher
I am not about to go into the historical aspect of things that's just ugh, not in the realm of what should be the topic of this song. How about This is an awesome song , amazing and fucking metal as hell. How about the fact this band is top notch to say the least, and the singer is also great. Socially is it not acceptable to take pride in your countries past? to be patriotic is not dwelling on the wrongs that a country or its people have done, but celebrating how far they have come from those wrongs. The people of this country our ancestors have committed some of the most heinous and unfathomable atrocities in world history. We have nearly wiped a culture completely off the maps, (Native Americans) we remember those people right, still living on "reservations"  where our government of that time sent them to die, you don't think those where concentration camps? of course they where and we have come so far technologically, and socially since then we take pride in our military (right or wrong) in their actions, not because our government is a great saint because we should appreciate the fact that a few of us are courageous enough to die on behalf of the country as a whole. Yes as a people we must admit our wrongs, and not hide them away, but as a people we must strive to be better then those who came before us. Anyone who believes otherwise, is the reason (at least potentially) for their respective countries to commit these acts again, and again. Placing blame on one small group amongst the population, while doing nothing to avert or over come their actions is the reason a country will have its horrible past histories. We have revolted against Tyranny because of unjust taxation, and yet we also enslaved thousands of Africans, we murdered entire tribes of people on our own soil, and we where the invading force. We don't like to face those facts but they are facts. Germany has its own demons which we enjoy pointing out but become belligerent and defensive when our own people are brought up in a negative light. ITs like a global high school cafeteria. Now back to the matter at hand Sabaton is a phenomenal band and that's what we should focus on.
beep boop son, beep boop
Madis Teuli
So why is this video blocked in Estonia?
Erza Fasya
somebody know this movie?
matt falkowski
The Siege of Bastogne The Band of Brothers.
Virginie Leroux
Juliet Don´t Smile
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