Standing Shadows - We Are Everlasting

"We Are Everlasting" is track 2 on 'The Silent Revolution EP.' From Los Angeles, alt-indie-electro band STANDING SHADOWS combine infectious guitar melodies and soundscapes, vintage synth tones and warbles, driving percussive beats, and the intimately emotional vocals...ranging from uber-chill heroin whispers, to heart-pumping, sweat-soaking screams.

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Bravo Company Milsim
Smashing Pumpkins+Deftones+Heroine=these guys haha sounds pretty good though
Lepidolite Mica
Intro sounds similar to Hero's Comeback, the Naruto theme. Plenty worse things to remind me of.
sweat soaking screams my ass
Shep Trop
screw mormonism...
Shep Trop
@bomberguard they're not bad they remind me a lil of the smashing pumpkins when they started...
@DewsRandom wait, you're THE DewsRandom? As seen on youtube??!!?
John Connor Coulston
The rhythm section sounds great, but I'm nothing digging that vocal effect. It doesn't sound right.
Prodan Giovani
How can or better said with what program can i make a video with multi-squares like in 1:46 ?:)
Standing Shadows
thanks for watching!! please follow us on Facebook and Twitter
@pokerisfunalot It's been 2 days, You dead? aha
S. J
not famous enough
Vanchy M
Stefan Falquet
I think this rocks
Stefan Falquet
Just stumbled upon this kinda a jam! reminds me of Korn
Andrew Swan
@sheptropremix You mad brah!!!
@mply2010 what?
Christian Mayer
@Domoni94115 screw you these guys sound awesome.
Dom Broadrick
Why does this "electro" band suck so much? WHY? WHY? WHY? Break up, turds.
Bernardo Viana
new bands, new music
@pokerisfunalot Are you dead!? ... LOL