Kings Of Leon - Back Down South

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Come on out and dance

If you get the chance

We're gonna spit on the rivals

All I wanna know

Is how far you wanna go

Fighting for survival

Underneath the stars

Where we parked the cars

Ain't showing signs of stopping

Pretty little girls

Naked to their curls

Ready to lay in a coffin'

If you wanna go

I'm gonna go

I've got a fire burning

Go on take my hand

When we seethe band

Baby's gonna be a big one, oh yeah

Baby's gonna be a big one

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Katie Boone
I've never heard a song by kings of Leon I didn't like. They are by far my favorite bad. This song makes me happier to be from the south ☺️
Daniel Fregoso
This song is more country than 99% of music that is released under the "country" genre nowadays. Beautiful song.
Filipe Freire
I still remember the day I discovered this song.. it was a good day
Ah this song and video brings some kind of nostalgia. If you haven't had at least 1 night somewhat like this video, I seriously feel bad for you. My days of partying like that are somewhat over I guess but this video reminds me of that 1 summer with her. No job, no money stealing beer and vodka goin down camping at the lake with the girls. Skinny dippin. Smokin weed driving around blaring music. This summer I'm gonna make it a point to make some more good times like this
This is the part of the american music that I like
It was sophomore year of highschool. I was walking down the road to one of the greatest parties I've ever been to. It had been a great day at school and I couldn't help the smile that was on my face that afternoon in sweet anticipation of the revelry that was about to unfold that night. The party was a walk down the road from my house at one of my bestfriend's. His name was Dylan, and although I'm not as good as friends with him now as I was the then I still love him like a brother. As I walked down the road I had the sun setting in front of me but it was low enough to be below the trees and it looked like some beautiful country painting. So I put this song on my Zune(yeah I used one of those), and the greatest high came over me. It was the first night I got drunk. It was the first night I got high on pot. I even ended up making out with some girl at one point. There were a lot of people there and most of them were friends. Like I said, it was one of the greatest parties I've ever been to. But for some reason I just can't get that damn walk out of my head.<br />True story.
Driving on an old country road on a Sunday ...doing about 40 MPH down.
Cadê os BRs que também tem um bom gosto musical?
The intro is so calming, it gives me a soft feeling of home...
this song made me miss the south and I'm not even from the South.
Christopher Prenergast
I didn't know the south was populated exclusively by models
Amazing song ❤️
Balto Games
I've never felt more at home than when I listen to this song and watch the video. I miss my small hometown; cornfields and all. I've spent my whole life trying to escape my small town, only to realize it's exactly where I want to be!!
This video makes me wanna move to the USA so bad, haha.
Man, I wish I was living in this video, looks like everybody was having a blast !
Trevor Klassen
I've read a lot of comments that mention north vs. south, the city vs. the country, redneck vs. urbanite. I don't know about all that. What I do know is that I've lived in three cities--downtown Toronto, downtown Vancouver, and downtown Calgary. That's about as urban as you can get. Doesn't matter. I love this song--and the video. Seems to me it's just as much about a simple and earnest way of life as it is about being in the south. If you can't find anything to connect to in this song, well, I hope eventually you can. I listen to it over and over. Gives me a pang, like I'm missing something, and still makes me bloody happy at the same time. 
makes me wanna go live back down south even though i never have before...
Sonny White
i miss having those good ol get togethers. now everyones grown and gone i wish i could go back
Todd Sundell
I was born in the 60s and I find these guys good!
Joy Pope
Reminds me of my reservation for some reason..(I am Apache)..and a southern man I can't get out of my mind....