Seether - Country Song

Seether’s Official music video for “Country Song” from the album, “Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray” released on Wind-up Records on May 17, 2011.

(C) 2011 Wind-up Records, LLC

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Who watching in 2059 ?
It may look stuipid at first, but there is shitload of creative thinking behind this :)
Face it, seether makes the best music videos
John Larrabee
I love how this sounds better than most country songs
Jay Dee Bee
I feel like this is how the idea of Cowboys vs Aliens came to be.
0:20 rey misterio......:)
Allisa HelenKeller
Oh my God I died when I saw them ride in on their "horses." Their faces make it even better.
Canadian who loves his GMC 2500
this is probably the best music video I've ever seen.
Katrina Dutton
The only country song i like
Abby Normal
I don't know how they keep a straight face, lol. I must say, however, Shaun Morgan is the most ridiculously good looking man to ever ride a stick unicorn XD How does he manage to look sexy while being so silly?
Overwatch Media News
Fucking epic music video. Seriously, that's talent and creativity right there.
It's pretty sad that this song has more country elements to it than 99% of the songs on "country radio". Cool song, and a very wacky video to go with it lol
Brad Simpson
You just know that they all sat around, really fucking wasted, and watched "Rango" and "Toy Story 3". Then they got their inspiration for their next video...

Sorry, just watched a bunch of movies with my kids. That's the first thing that popped into my head.
Steven Hertwick
Play this on borderlands makes the game 10,000 times better :D
I feel like everyone in the saloon is staring at them like 'omg what are cowboys doing here'.
The member of Seether riding on toy horses. Priceless
"I can't stand the taste of your mouth"...what a great insult!
Alice Dee
seether has the best music videos. no question.
Mega MountainMan
South African country song. Interesting.
Benjamin Roberts
looks like JACK BLACK!