Hinder - What Ya Gonna Do

Music video by Hinder performing What Ya Gonna Do. (C) 2011 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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cheddar bob
They suck without Austin
For some reason I think of Sons of Anarchy when I hear this
Dustin Schablin
thumbs up if your listening to this in 2016
Twilight Angel
My Favorite Hinder song w/Austin! Can't stand them at all now.. Glad Austin is working on a New CD solo!
Manny Ll.
my god this song is a reflection of my life...
Teena Sawan
i couldnt imagine giving up someone you say you have loved just to realise that they are tired of walking away, tired of being second best, tired of being used and tossed away.
Try and live like this hoping one day the man, that you know and love will come back.........I finally had to chose between my sanity and the man of my dreams
steven kostroun
i drink every night, like my grandfather and before him...honestly never thought about it until i met someone....i really need to change...thanks to this song
Nickholas Bigham
2017 and still listening ✌👌
Cristian Guerra
This must be really close to what happened to the lead singer with the addiction problem and leaving the band because of it

You were awesome bro, it's weird to think about Hinder without you
Rosie Phoenix
2017, still listening to this
Beth Peterson
Universal message...everyone gets their 5 minutes...then what? Remember who Loves you....
donald gottman
hannah, one of the many things i have learned in life is that the past can't be changed or fixed, but learned from. the past is not to be forgotten because if you don't remember the past you will make the same mistakes in the future. you CAN better yourself if you try, i think you really can
Jason Wiberg
Drink some more beer
Cindy Swazey
Love this song.... Amazing...
Heather Reed
Man I miss Hinder!!! Ugh I miss Austin!!!!!
Kelly Hanson
I saw them preform this at summerfest in Milwaukee Wi front row. I cried seeing them live
Man I love this
saw them the other nite, not the same with out austin,
Tom Bradford
30 second ads always about shit you don't want