Steven Tyler - (It) Feels So Good

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Something cool went down

As I was walking with a friend of mine

And I, I still remember,

How she was smelling like the summer time

And oh, how it changed my mind

Changed everything, about that, come on girl

It feels so good, loving you

Yeah, it's so good, the way you do the do

It feels so good, and I need oxygen,

Little bit of heaven doin' 24-7 again

Yeah, again and again

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I love Aerosmith and S. Tyler. In my humble opinion, Aero is the best American rock 'n roll band EVER. I know the G'nR fans will disagree, but Aero definitely has a longer tenure and MORE longevity. Keep on Rockin' it, Steven, Please !
Maxime Tremblay
Yeah, he ain't the prettiest motherfucker, but he's got style and talent!
He is 66 yrs old,behaves like he is 20 :D
J. Antonio Bermejo
Truly legendary American Rocker.
Simona Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger makes this song sounds better!!
Sherri Jorgensen
All of America loves Mr. Tyler,for sure.
Bente Nagtegaal
Can't get enough of Steven ♥♥♥
Diana O
Mmm... Love him so much;)
Douglas Marshall
Is that woman Nicole Sherzinger??
Kim Lag
I love Steven 😍😍
Wesley Pimentel
it feels so good be alive and hearing you! You're a living legend the best of all times, I bet ABBA wrote "thank you for the music" for you man :)
megan ivy
tee hee, he played drums on her bum :3
Ocean Girl
I love this song. Can't play it enough. Steven Tyler is one of our all time great Entertainers, regardless of what anyone thinks. And, we can agree to disagree. I'm not looking for an internet fight at all.. He is a delight and he makes me feel better when I am down. You can't bottle that. So, he can do the do as much as he wants to!
god no i hate the way they made his voice sounds shoulda kept his voice scratchy sounds better
Heather Winer
He always looks like is he is having a good time when he sings. I like his unique style. Fan for 40 years.
Daniel Gordeyev
Wow this is fuckin awesome
Amem Nicole Scherzinger 👏👏❤
Glory Stitt
He had to invite Nicole Scherzinger
Kathy Locca
Soundsi it hurts so good by john cougar :)<br />Loveu steven tyler
pepi bankova
love nicole scherzinger