Ben Harper - When It’s Good (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Ben Harper performing When It’s Good (Live on Letterman. © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

Ben Harper - When It’s Good (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
If you don't like Ben Harper it's because you're an idiot. Stop your internal dialogue.
noe lami
when it's good it's you
your magic music in
my mind thank you!
El Naneh
which tune it is? please :)
Gema Mercado
i love it!!
Interaction? Concerts are for listening to music, not for the touching and the screaming.
Eric North
You obviously haven't ever seen him in concert, You have no idea. I'm not a troll or anything so I won't be stupid and disrespectful, but you shouldn't call anyone a prick without knowing the facts. I saw him in concert, he was a cool and down to earth, relaxed dude that told stories and had strong interaction with the crowd. A stage presence that is unseen in today's music.
martin c
oh my god. first of all, are you deaf? you just have to hear Ben's voice to see he plays music because it's what is in his heart, not for the goddamn motherfucking money. Burtonridr is right, he's playing a slide guitar, you cannot play a slide guitar standing up, that's how it works. yeah, he's not jumping around and going up to people, because He's playing! at the end of every concert at a small venue, he talks to everyone. so just appreciate the damn music and stop complaining, man.
Drew Duff
lolz. go see ben harper then rewrite a comment.
i like this lots
Brae Lutas
this is great but the recorded version does the song more justice
Pedro Antonio de Souza Miranda
I think Ben Harper and John Butler would be such an amazing concert
not his best song but its ok
Kuba Wrr
chłopie złap te gitare jak facet :D
Juan García Martín
Great Stag
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