Ben Harper - Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Ben Harper performing Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

Ben Harper - Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
every time I watch this video I don't see a man who perform a song... I see a man who feel music... that's very inspiring..
David Alisson
que música linda
Edoardo Ferocino
I A.M.
O Lord Yes!
bellissima song
J Kitchener
Decades on and he just keeps getting better, amazingly beautiful song!
slam holo
Except these words, speechless.
@STFAofficial that is so wrong
Paulo Silas
I love Ben Harper!
@plexitele best album of the year, it's beautiful...
Paul Kuzbik
Thumbs up if you love Ben's new album!!!!
chris tine
Sarah Wookey
can somebody see that he gets this? It's big and serious- Vevo? Mr. Letterman? Internet android??
Sarah Wookey
It's fighting-just write let ur soul do the song. Plz keep loving the1s who can't love ->(John Foreman lead vocalist4Switchfoot)out go the messangers!! I think know a few-keep hurting keep writing keep bringing us home UR love 4 music- it's love 4 more was-the only thing that kept me hanging on just a few years ago before I went to meet these people" the Homeless" I was Shocked broken hearted 2 C the apathy of the whole city as1of them. I HAVE 2 do WouldUcollaberate on a great project with me
Sarah Wookey
LOVE WILL SEE the DAWN --Love IS the DAWN and THERE"S to my recent surprise more out there than I thought when I did the video of this woman on her line of defense--thats her name- pray for us all we ALL ARE PRAYING FOY YOU US TO YOU AND YOU TO US AND MR HARPAR I FEEL THAT PAIN SO BAD i SLEEP AT NIGHT seen too muchI AM WITH YOU BROTHER BEN-YOU are ushering it in.And WE ADORE YOU!
@1dave2cups - I agree - I also prefer Ben's other music, but this is him writing for his own reasons, and that's what makes him interesting.
Mea Dish
I think you are heading in the wrong direction, Ben. You do rootsy music better than most artists alive today. Please leave the Eagles clone music to the Eagles clones.
Yes, he does sound like Cat Stevens. I am sorry to see all the sad commentary on here regarding this man's talent. What are YOU doing besides sitting there waiting for the world to be as pathetic as you are? I am tired of folks farming their own personal worthlessness and being disappointed that not everyone wants to wallow in pig poop. This man is producing a product, just like any other product out there. Like it or don't but keep your insults to yourselves. YOU look bad when you don't.
Aerosol Arts Association
Sounds real Cat Stevenish
MyJizz UrEye
Yeah pray, cause its been shown to like totally work to grow back limbs and heal amputees.....oh wait thats right I keep forgetting, praying can only fix things that have a chance of being fixed on their own. Isn't that handy otherwise I might start to think there is a reason why religion is geographical.