TV On The Radio - Province (Live on Letterman)

Music video by TV On The Radio performing Province (Live on Letterman). (c) 2011 Interscope

TV On The Radio - Province (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
@kernowrock555 I'll bring it up at the next Black Folks Meeting, you fucking cunt.
...ya but how does their being black have anything to do with their music? why bring up race at all?
@z2thaanko and you are called a fucking piece of trash
FedorMachida Last
Dam. Have to read up on the Wiki site. I just discovered this band, from Happy Idiot.
lol the levels on lead vocals are way too low.
bring me the 6 people that thumbed this down. I DEMAND IT
Looks like VEVO thumbs this down to many times.
Jeez...all the hostilities. Just chill out and let it free, let it fly.
@lazer59882 I should shut up because you don't like what I have to say? That's a little stupid wouldn't you say? That would be like me trying to ban McDonald's because i don't like their food when really I just shouldn't eat there. I was just saying these guys make music that's more interesting than most popular urban music. That was just my opinion too. So if you don't like it then you can suck it. I won't shut up because some ass told me to because he doesn't like what I said.
@kernowrock555 we invented rock and roll, you stupid fuck. we also invented rap reggae and jazz. and trust me, TRUST ME, no one's gonna give a fuck what some jackass on youtube thinks they should do, especially when its that fucking asinine and small minded.
@TheJurneyMan shut the fuck up, stupid fucking asshole. EVERY "pop" song today is about going to a fucking club and getting drunk. i cant seem to recall ANY songs EVER about shooting people, but hey maybe some stupid motherfucker like you knows more about black people than me. your comment is so beyond fucking stupid it's actually amazing
@kernowrock555 lol rolling my eyes so hard at this comment and the people who liked it
Needs more Bowie imo. Fantastic song though, either way!
Mauricio Gonzalez
the best live on letterman videos are the ones you dont get to see david letterman
@kernowrock555 Uh, both are great. You're probably focusing on mainstream rap and the bit that's reggae slipping and making a bad mark amongst the rest in these genres. However, in some ways or another it IS pigeonholing and making other artists feel they must be within a set boundary if they're black.
omg .. I love this band!!!!! Gonna buy their ALBUM TOMORROW!!! ..... such feelin..such sensitivity.. I am gobsmacked! ....... fuckin excellent.............
@7MrMan7 ah, man, his basslines are amazing! RIP
I have a radio that gets tv signals.
Just love the tamborine-guy on the right! He is ROCKING the place a part! Very powerfull and emotional song. Love the band!