TV On The Radio - Dancing Choose (Live on Letterman)

Music video by TV On The Radio performing Dancing Choose (Live on Letterman). (c) 2011 Interscope

TV On The Radio - Dancing Choose (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
RIP Gerard Smith.
Matt Edge
Simply outstanding. This is the kind of quality music that the currently crap radio stations should play. They are living legends, the rap group is good but def not legends like tvotr.
Jacob Harris
Trombone play is a badass
sounds like a Beck lyric
It's okay, in all likelihood she was just totally aroused by the band and wasn't sure how to respond.
Negro Entertainment System
It's like a sonic wall of electronic auditory bliss.
i used to think he said "and he gets his tortillas" instead of "best ideas." haha
carlo a.
i love to watch tv on the radio on the tv more than hearing them on the radio
Bryan Lortie
@ManagementX No shit, huh? Blew my mind. I lost it during Repetition and Wolf Like Me.
Bryan Lortie
Can't wait to see them this Friday in Dallas.
Is that Andrew W.K. or Jesus on the trombone? It's hard to tell.
Rintarou Okabe
@yellowbrickroad I could sing along perfectly... Then again TVotR is my second favorite band and I already know all the words anyway. :p But I can understand it fine.
Check out The Heavy performance on Letterman. They played "How you Like Me Now". It was so good 'Dave had them play encore through the break and they played the show out. I've never seen Dave do that before.
Yutin Lin
@lizardking27 Haha.
David Dorado
0:36 Did that bitch just do the cabbage patch during a TVOR performance? (smh)
As always, the Letterman's audience are numb toward any good music, cause its not as "dancable" as Taylor Swift (Nothing specific against her, just making an example).