Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong

Music video by Eddie Vedder performing Longing To Belong. (C) 2011 Monkeywrench, Inc. under exclusive license to Universal Island Records Ltd

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It's official, I'm buying a ukulele.
Mike Manson
This makes me want a Uke even more than I already do
I would have never thought back in the early 90's rockin out to Pearl Jam, that I would someday years later get goosebumps from someone playing the ukelele. AND that Eddie Vedder would be the one playing it. Sometimes getting older is a good thing. :)
Eden Schober
I started learning this on the uke and it's now one of my favs
Felicia Stoner
You belong to all of us, Eddie! You are one of the most beautiful and inspiring men I've ever known of!!
Maggie Warren
Castle...that is all
Kristina O'Donnelly
Just when I thought the music and the background could not get any better... I am in love <3
The whole album is just what I need right now. No one speaks my emotions like Eddie does. Can anyone else relate?
Stephen Boggs
Me and my wife walked the isle at our wedding to this song. I will always remember this song.
Kimberly Byrom
All of the members play very different styles in their side projects. Not to mention, each song they've ever recorded takes you on a journey different than the one before it. "Inside Job" alone drifts in and out of musical styles throughout, ending with a fantastic rock song. I love that Eddie has come to terms with his life. At the end of the day, you gotta deal with you. Ukelele Songs is an expression of that. Good work, Ed. I appreciate ALL your music.
Michael Gallo
Truth is what this man is all about in his music, few could ever match him as he has matched others, it will be known that he is a living legend.
petri sihvonen
Damn.. You know you've found a good song when you can listen to it 20 times in a row and it still sounds the same as when you first heard it..
Jennifer Frederick
2:09 Eddie Vedder can tree!
K. Todd Ramer
If it wasn't for songs like this, I might not be here today.
Amanda Castillo
sweet sweet song....relating now - current status
Kori Nielsen
Thank you Castle for introducing me to this beautiful music!
Zach Tomlinson
this whole album is amazing even if you aren't a pearl jam fan...
Castle brought me here... and I absolutely love this song now!
bella rattan
the ukulele is primo in this beautiful water filled dreamy song,I love the ocean,lets go to Saudi Arabia and you can be part of my herem,john john,lullen mullen and you,you get girls from Bombay to frolic with while I decorate the music studio,teach me to mix,we will find the water in the mirage,I wan to shop till I drop,all sorts of belly dancing going on,and swords throughing fire eating,we can live off of strawberries and dates,puri,lamb?,do you eat meat,HHHHHhaaaaaaaaaa/I'm so lonesome tonight eddie,you rocked my world with your music tonight-listening all night, I needa lawyer! (herem need to settle down)?????
Eddie Vedder singlehandedly made ukuleles cool