The Script - Breakeven (Live at The China Club)

Music video by The Script performing Breakeven. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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Love this song :)
xXFaTal ReApErXx
this is spam why
Claire Totten
please check out my cover of this! <3 absolutely love this song
Thomas Richardson
@kspoonero u know wat lets just end this with a sorry
Thomas Richardson
@kspoonero I've never and at least I'm not from Canada. USA is the best, Kathy.
Thomas Richardson
@kspoonero well at least im not the fag putting faces after my comments P'THU!
Thomas Richardson
@kspoonero cuz CANADAD's not a fukin country
It's so great how all we have to hear is the intro and we all start SCREAMING!!! It's gotta make em feel good u know? =) <3 <3
I Love How The Crowd Sings The First Part :3 :)
That is one deep v-neck.
captainlae riv
@kspoonero IKR!?
@kspoonero What if they don't come? Will you start a riot? Joking! Chill chilll chillllllll
Just covered this! Love this song! Good video.
Janice Miller
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Linda N
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Laz Za
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Jocelyn Gonzalez
@rockIT98 I always think the same thing! He mentions religion here and there but I'm never sure. But I loved their newer album Science and Faith! They kinda brush on religion again in that one.
Jocelyn Gonzalez
Jeez, they need to come to Chicago!!!!!
@rockIT98 no, I suppose not. He is trying to emphasize on the amount of pain and desperations people often times go through during a heartbreak. When people are in the verge of losing someone, they plead and pray to anything or anyone regardless of their personal beliefs. He is trying to defy the intensity I guess. Powerful song though. ♥ Danny and oh, definitely remain loyal! =]]] =D