Incubus - Adolescents

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I'm feeling out of bounds, out of bounds

I'm running out of time, out of time

I know there's no such thing as either of them

But its doesn't make me feel any better

Out of sight, out of mind

Out of sight, out of mind

We're out of time

We're out of mind

Out of mind

Out of mind

Yeah, yeah

I'm feeling overwhelmed, overwhelmed

It's getting out of line, line, line

I know I'm not alone

Just adolescents, you and I

It doesn't make me feel any better

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Kory Stoffers
Been listening to Incubus since I was a kid with the Fungus CD.  Love all their music, everything they put out just blows my mind.  Brandon Boyd is such a genius with his fellow amazing artists.  All of them together isn't just Incubus, it's perfection.  Sit back and enjoy with my drink in my hand.  Cheers all!
Phil Mahooters
this song makes me feel so nostalgic <3 brings me back to some times ill never forget.
Favorite Incubus songs?  Mine:

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Paul Armstrong
he's just got this style to him
Chizom Anime
Graduating soon. Heard this when I was in middle school... gosh life is so fast yet amazingly slow. But this song remains the same; perfect
Nirvana VEVO
Old school :''v
Iuri Almeida
This band is rare and unique. All the instruments move togheter and create such a feeling, and the lyrics man, it's amazing ! Incubus always amazes me in such good ways ! ENJOY
I'm upset, because I can never hit that final high note at the end of the chorus. I can sing the rest of the song pretty well, but that note is just outside my range, just barely, and it makes my voice cut out.
Eamon Fox
You don't understand how long it took me to find this song
Jennifer Parker-Bell
I love incubus, there the most calming band I've ever listened to for years.
Shauntee Jackson
Brandon and that voice...he could sing me out of my clothes.
This song gives me such Pearl Jam vibes. More mellow, but still, right on target.
Seth Bowden
He writes such deep meaningful lyrics.

Brandon Boyd studied a lot of Eastern religion and philosophy. He sees the world in a very Buddhist/Zen way.

Even though his fame and his passion tie him away from being the enlightened person he wants to be.
He knows that reality is just an illusion that time and boundaries don't exist. But being a person tied to the illusion knowing those facts don't make him feel better. That's where I think he's comming from.
Chris Hunter
Keanu Reeves? is that you?
Lex S
Wow. Those vocals!
Dylan Scott
The part at 3:24 is honey for the ears
Incubus will always be my unofficial life coach.
Darre Euphoria
thank God I heard this on the radio, fell mad in love with incubus via hearing this song. my all time favorite band. been a fan for about 5 years (not my favorite song btw) favorite albums are morning view and make yourself. \m/ saw them last year with deftones. I had this overwhelming euphoric feeling.
María Ignacia Casanova
Estamos fuera de tiempo, estamos fuera de la mente... ♪♫
Rocio Rodriguez
Incubus <3