Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Foo Fighters performing Learn To Fly (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

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Guitar tune up while singing ! Multi task Dave you're great !!
<a href="">2:38</a> Dave is bitten by a spider that managed to climb up his pants leg.
Marzena Roslan
The tribute to the beatles in dress and set ,fucking classy!
luis arriola
Not even a thousand people can sound better than them
Mike Kovacs
John , Paul , George, Ringo, and Stu ?
is he retuning his guitar at <a href="">0:36</a> ?
Ryanzkie Blue
This song never gets old, even this is old. Still rockin'!
izzy john
foo fighters are a true raw band, never get tired of this band, i never get tired of learn to fly video, awesome,i don't know who does, i hope they keep bangin out the hits
Helen Kessey
Brilliant! But what's wrong with the crowd? There not rocking!! It's the foo fighters how can they not! :-)
Pratistha Nepal
The drummer looks more like Richard Branson
Thiago Luiz
iae eu não sabia que amado batista tocava guitarra no Foo Fighters. :)
Sey Koss
<a href="">2:49</a>  wrong moove))
All of you saying Dave did something wrong or played something wrong... He can't IT IS HIS SONG HE CANT MESS IT UP BECAUSE HE MADE IT
Dave grhol singing live is horrible
I thought that was the beatles up there singing learn to fly..
wow for a second i thought that was heath ledger on guitar
Pat looks so old...sorry
muse fan
taylor hawkins is such an underrated drummer, he's so amazing!!
He's not singing the correct notes
Niccolò M.
the singing is bad!