Foo Fighters - Best Of You (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Foo Fighters performing Best Of You (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

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Petar Pavasović
Grohl's unperfect voice makes it so perfect!
Cameron Chambers
Anyone else noticed they're honoring the Beatles here??
I love how dominant and clean the bass is here.
Party Poison
De be de be de beso of yu
Dave Grohl IS rock and roll. How one man has so much talent and stage presence in one body is beyond me.
Im really digging how loud they have Nate's bass turned up.
Dude, what kind of mic is Grohl using?! Great performance as well, but I want that mic. He's all up in there and it sounds great!
thiago giovanni dos santos
Prince killed this song on Super Bowl halftime
Patrick Gonzalez
Dave Grohl much more of a genius than Cobain ever was!
Manuel Molina
Why does German pat smear look like my Mexican grandmother with shorter hair?
Angela Blackthorne
Another confession: I'm not ashamed to admit I love Dave Grohl.
Stefanus Angga
Whoa..Kurt Cobain woke up from the dead and playing drum :O
juan cabarcas
Gringos hijos de puta, son el peor público del mundo!!
Didn't know their drummer was Richard Branson...
Gabriela Uribe
Words can't express how this band makes me feel..
Jesse Kulp
i can't help but think of animal from the muppets when i watch the drummer
Aivis Iesalmanis
Dave is a better hero than Kurt especially for kids who listen music at very early age.
E no Brasil eu tenho Pablo vittar, tnc mesmo essa merda de país.
The audience LOL
why is antonio banderas on stage?