Wye Oak - Fish

Debut video from Wye Oak's Civilian on Merge Records.

Director: Fahey/O'Leary/Stack

DP: Michael Patrick O'Leary

Art Director: Katherine Fahey

Editor: Owen Lang

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Adam Willis
FUCKE YEES. that moment of sheer excitement when a song youve never heard before actually clicks witchu!
Best song sver
Cassidy Cosway
This song makes every emotion I have ever felt just go from my chest and spread out to the tips of my fingers and toes. I love this feeling.
Molly Smitzh
I don't know what the heck Abraham Lincoln has to do with fish... This is like some existentialism stuff.
Michael Carson
Anything Wye Oak is pure money!
Personal favorite song off of Civilian. Makes me tear up every single time. Goddammit, Jenn Wasner.
Fucc Shit
i swear that dude is abraham lincoln
Christian Stepmoms
The video is done in the same style as Storm Corrosions Drag Ropes, I really appreciate this medium of visual storytelling.
Thank you walking dead for showing me this band
beautiful and strange at the same time.
NO! just stop! the show might be good but no one gives a crap where you hear it from... i heard it from wye oak, does that make any difference? exactly so sush you attention whore!
Sarah Poulain
so you liked civilian so much that you started checking out wye oaks music? cause this song wasnt a soundtrack on the show. same thing here lol the walking dead rule all!
Seth Rogers
your reaching there aren't cha?
a mighty duck
love it
j mac
abraham lincoln coming of age and becoming one with the fishes
Rick hickd
43 people are jealous they can't swim. (sorry, over-used phrase :P)
What am i doing here?
Alex Saliba
Thank God for this song.