Foo Fighters - Rope (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Foo Fighters performing Rope (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

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El ArquiMúsico
Rope me, rope me my friend
taylor goulart
Pat at 3:40 so classy!
Dan Dunning
Guitar solo*
Keep camera on Dave*
Humza Ahmed
Taylor you beast! Impressive, I could never wear a suit and drum to a song like Rope
Jake Hoffman
Is it weird my first thought was how weird that bass sounds with this music?
Marc Faur
This is how you play live!
Dave has so much stage presence! He's a true role model to all rockers! :)
Wendy Peckham
Awsome bonham drum solo! Shiflett is so ignored but such a great
Alexandre Mainville
This drummer is amazing. 2:48 - 3:02
Anthony kazman
164 people do not appreciate good music
The Past Future
Featuring Tyrion Lannister on drums o.O
Norma Vint
Reminiscent of the Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan... I love it!!!!
Dario Galesi
Definitely a tribute to Beatles. 
The Viola Bass Guitar, terrific sound however. 
Guitars up on the chest.
Definitely one of the best rock songs ever!
Elizabeth Medina
That ending was terrific. Like holy smokes, I would love to get all crazy if they did that in their concert.
Sean Hardy
Shiflett's solo is insane
Joseph Lloyd
What a great Rush song!
dave is so talented, he can do everything
Danny Martinez
This reminds me of in bloom
Kenneth Andersen
How the "F" that 198 people did not like like this? I was happy to see Pat Smear as well...very under-rated player.