Escape the Fate - On The Road

Music video by Escape the Fate performing On The Road. (C) 2011 DGC Records

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Cybele Delgado
Craig's so cute. haha. Ronnie raps now so fuvk it. LOL. Love you guys! ETF!! <3
dude, people is so dumb, ronie it's gone, better, not better, it doesn't matter, ITS GONE, FOR A WILE NOW so shut up about it
Jessica BVB
Max :3
<a href="">3:24</a> oh Max. :)
Zac Mcclure
"Someone should've died" During Guillotine 2 at The house of blues in Houston January 21,  2014, I broke my ankle in the wall of death .. 10/10 would do it again.
I love that there was country music backstage :3 xD
Penelope Views
Why is this the first time I'm seeing this?
I love his voice than ronnie
Craig Kent
Hope these guys are grateful for where they are today, I'd kill for there life style! I mean come on! who wouldn't wanna be rockstar? they earned it yes! but its hard to get noticed in bands :/
Kate Straw
You can say Craig/Ronnie/Whatever, but nothing's better than Rob the Diva. <a href="">#ipreferthedrummer</a>
Sanna Naumanen
Max looks so high in this video. :/ It's hurtful to watch. 
Sasha Cross
i like this video max looks so cool
Cass Balderas
Robert, uf ❤
I love to listen he talking xD
I didn't know they were rockstars
M Duinkerken
Hows the song called u hear in the begin??
Velvet Von Black
doug r
yeah i don't misss max 
Geoff Nova
Gorgeous Nightmare
Vague Light
Was TJ here or still in MIW?