Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

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You know tonight

I'm feeling a little out of control

Is this me

You wanna get crazy

Cause I don't give a...

I'm out of character

I'm in rare form

If you really knew me

You'd know it's not the norm

Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do

The old me's gone I feel brand new

And if you don't like it fuck you

The music's on and I'm dancing

I'm normally in the corner just standing

I'm feeling unusual

I don't care cause this is my night

I'm not myself tonight

Tonight I'm not the same girl

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Chris Joseph
shes also a very good dancer.
Julián Andrés Marín Silva
That beat at <a href="">2:51</a> kills me!
Miss Passion
so damn hot omg
That intro is ICONIC!!!
The video reminds me so much of Madonna's 'Human Nature' video. Love it
marco piraccini
This song and the video are pure PERFECTION!!!
Awie Vu
Underrated bop of all time...
João Guerreiro
So underrated. I love her
Shoney Casildo
is it just me or does anyone else find her eye color pretty?
The Bionic-Era is so underrated.
Throwback to the single that killed the entire Bionic era.
iuliana calzaretta
Fluox Trix Channel
Batida chocante , clip assustador
Riho Lopardo
Vocals and beat are on fire...she slayed tbh
Matt Toledo
who's the sexy ass guy on the bed with Xtina?
Antonymous Gawker
This is actually one of her best videos. She looks insanely hot and fierce here.
Looking at this video now... This video was so ahead of its time! Underrated
This song was before it's time.
Water 1
Bionic is art, a big album and i love this ♡♡