Rise Against - Help Is On The Way

Music video by Rise Against performing Help Is On The Way. (C) 2011 DGC Records

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2007excalibur2007 `
Already knew of this song before Watch_Dogs, but this is honestly the best song in the game. :p
This clip is brutal.. (shocking) Every life is unique and every life's so fragile
Maxime Tremblay
Discovered Rise Against from NFS Underground 2 with "Give it all". Addicted to them now. Anyone else?
While I know what this song is about, I like to pretend this song is about my daughter, about all our children. That we are preparing them to stand up and fight. Millanials are paving the way for our children to finish the fight that we are starting. To finish the fight against those that seek to destroy the planet and us. Those that seek to enslave and torture. Mind control and consumerism.
Glory Hunter
Watch dogs anyone
Jasmine Maldonado
LLore T.T
Watch Dogs and ESPECIALLY WWE Over the Limit 2011 brought me here.
Raphael Joiner
Watch Dogs
Scrody McBoogerballs
This song makes me so emotional. All those people dying in misery scared for their families. Seriously breaks my heart....
This is what people say when they're getting robbed. "help is on the way" never arrives.
Gabriel Baier
No more Watchdogs stuff, PLEASE.
Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal
JC Denton
This is a wonderful song about any disaster that ruins lives. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, war, etc.
Angel Reyes
this video is sad
Sergio Cornejo González
WWE Over The Limit 2011
my mom showed me this video when we were talking about hurricane katrina, and now i love the song :D
Chandler Schmid
Such a powerful music video. I love when bands are politically active.
Randall Arana
I got this song from Watch Dogs. Who else? Just wondering.
KxG3 Gaming
I found out about this song while playing Watch_Dogs. I even bought the song on iTunes cause I really liked it. Reminds me of Katrina when I was 4..........<br /><br />Another song I found out from Watch_Dogs is Invincible by MGK. I really hate how people complain about other people finding about the song from a game. Just be happy the song is spreading so others can hear it. Jeez. (PS, I bought Invincible on iTunes too)
CSGO Vital anyone?