Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind

Music video by Nick Lowe performing Cruel To Be Kind. Nick Lowe Ltd. issued under exclusive license to Yep Roc Records

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Doc Brown
Wow, that flowing, feathered mane is just spectacular.
paolo ritchiottigori
whats up with the horrible audio  this sounds like shit
Don Kissick
One of the greatest recordings of the 1970s.

Now, of course anyone should be able to recognize Carlene Carter and the rest of Rockpile in the video. I was wondering if anyone can identify the rest of the cast of characters appearing in the video.

I'm assuming most of them are all-stars from the Pub Rock scene of the day. My curiosity gnaws at me on this topic.
David Payne
Such a cool song!!
OMG! I vaguely remember this song playing on the bus that i rode to school, I just heard this song playing the radio while killing some time before I went in to work, Wow how time flies.
What a cute couple they made. Shame it didn't work out. She's married for a fourth time, hopefully she is very happy.
Fp Maggio
This is the shit.  I want his hair and Dave Edmunds guitar playing ability! I saw Rockpile in 1980 at Heatwave, Mosport Ontario....they rocked as did Elvis, the B52's and the Heads.  Holy shit...I used to be cool...
Come on! Release the lock on this so I can download using real player!
LOVE the song, from 1979 thru his acoustic guitar version a couple of years ago! But most of all, the strong guitar rift at 1:49 !
Blue Wizard
I almost forgot about this song.
Marcus Y
200 cigarettes
If I could live again I would want Nick Lowe hair genes. lol.
David King
I like video too, why I don't kow
Classic tune.
For some reason I've liked this song for a while, but I never knew who sang it. Man, why wasn't I around when music was this good?
Don't take this is a dig, but I like it when music videos are like, "Hey! I'm a music video!"
Christopher Palmer
Is that Dave Edmunds on guitar there behind Nick?
Jason Kreitzer
Yes, June's daughter and Johnny Cash's stepdaughter. Nick was Carlene's third husband. They were married from 1979 to 1990, which is her longest marriage to date. She's been married to British soap opera actor Joseph Breen since 2006. (She wasn't married to anyone in between Nick and Breen.)
worst audio ever