Gil Scott-Heron, Jamie xx - I'll Take Care Of U

I'LL TAKE CARE OF U tells the story of Nisa Rodriguez, a 19-year old boxer

and single mother from the Bronx, New York, as she works for a spot on

America's 2012 Olympic Boxing Team.

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drake sampled this song to his song "take care"
I heard this was used in Take Care.
marcelo parada
I miss you Gil! and this remixes are awesome!
Nicole gomez
yes I loved this song before it was sampled by Drake "take care".which I like but I prefer to hear the whole original.
Good Day
the beginning "let me kiss your booboo" 😍😍
Zer0 HD
Drake didnt remix it, he bought it from them
scripta man
just love it how inspirational things can get when you match the right music to sport clips. especially when your favorite sport is being matched to your favorite music
The Observer
I think this is the Only song that has been redone 4 times and each of the versions out Amazing. In case you don't know, this song was originally a minor hit in 1959 , the original track being made by Brook Benton. It was then covered by Gil Scott-Harren in 2001, a year before his death. Jamie XX then remixed the Gil Scott-Harren track in 2011, this is the one you see here. Finally in 2012 Drake and Rihanna took this song and sampled it in their masterpiece, Take Care. Take Care is by far both's best work and was probably the best hit song from 2012. 
Daniel Rees
Where can I get more songs with that guitar in the background??
Gorgeous song...
Hildeberto Holanda Alves Costa Filho
I love this song
mr Pankiewicz
very nice song :))
Etta James has sung it too
Prophets Of Rock TV
Yup, sampling is a big and beautiful part of Hip Hop
Indra Jaya
wtf like drake song ?
I didn't even know Drake did anything- there's just something about that guy...the way he looks. He just looks like a face I'd wanna punch and I'm a lover not a hater! Although, I liked him in his wheels on Degrassi.
Richard Marshall Bowman
Magnificent...! Song..and...performance....and video.
ginkah h
tak więcej takich ludzi
Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramírez
Drake copió el tema
christian calvao
He can't sing.