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You said when the storm came

That you would be there with your umbrella to block the rain

And you said you'd protect me from heartache,

Pain, lies, loneliness, and misery

You said you'll tear down the walls

That were in the way.

You promise things would be okay.

And I stood there in the freezing cold

And I waited for you but you never showed

Where you at [x3]

Boy you said you would be there for me

Where you at [x6]

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Keiosha Alieon
Men say a lot of stuff they don't mean to get the things they desire from you.
A Cherished Gem
No matter how good of a woman
you are, you will never be good enough
to a man who isn't "ready"
Antonio W
Ugh this song is everything. 👍💯
Michelle Ludwig
And I stood the in the freezing cold.... but you never showed :(

2 years later -> still waiting
Phillip W.
She deserves so much more recognition for her songs....... just beautiful and has undeniable talent
i sing this and cry every time i order a pizza and it takes longer then they say it would. 
Destiny Burroughs
I love this song
I sung this song when I was waiting for pizza
christine thomas
When my charger missing and my phone dying where you at
I still say it should had got down to her and Fantasia on American Idol. That would had been so close. Both of them can sang.
Miller Middleton
She is so unappreciated
Jennifer killed the Prince Tribute🙌🏾
I wish McDonalds could DELIVAHHH DELIVAHHH where you at I'm hungry 😂😂😂
Santricia Jones
That ending tho! Her vocals are amazing!
william whitaker
R Kelly wrote it and J Hud sung the hell out of it. lol
Eman Gamer
I feel like her talent is wasted. Maybe she needs a better producer or crew around her. She's leagues above most "artists" today, but it seems like she's held back.
Mona D
went to sleep on a cloud & woke up in the dirt....
IIgor Pereira
I love Jennifer Hudson,her voice it's beautiful
Trustin Christ
I totally forgot about this one. Now I'm back in love with it again! Gotta laugh at some those lyrics though...."said you'd stay out the street and get a real job"....hahahaaa, maybe on a half hour sitcom, boo, not in real life. Dump his behind, and sing that song! If you have to ask where he at, he ain't worth having, dumb scumbag dope dealing jackass
Kristopher Pickens
sometimes you have to let go in order to happy
This almost brought tears to my eyes.