Mike Posner - Bow Chicka Wow Wow ft. Lil Wayne

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Once I throw on this

Once I throw on this

It's over girl

Once I throw on this

Once I throw on this

It's over girl

I hear you knock, knock, knock

Baby, come on up

I hope you got, got, got

Something in your cup

Cause I'm three shots deep

And I ain't trying to sleep

Get your red bull on cause I'm ready

You've been playing naughty

To get with me all night

We both know exactly what you want, right?

Tell me what you want though

Tell me what you gon' do

What you gon' do

Once I throw on this bow chicka wow wow

What you gonna say?

You act like you gon' leave

But I know that you gon' stay

Break it down, dicky down down

Girl, don't even play

Once I set the mood right

I'm a make you sound like

I'm a make you sound like

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4 years later still memorize the lyrics
Tara Marie
why the hell did I like this song
DonYelle and Diana
i love mike posner sm this used to be my fucking boppp junior year of high school
Isn't Bow Chicka Wow Wow also a song from Phineas and Ferb
Xannah V
Doesn't anyone remember phineas and ferbs 'bow chicka bow wow' song? LOL
this TV commercial is too long.
NightPhantom XD
I'll be honest, this is the first time I've heard this song, so for whatever reason, when I read "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" I thought he was going to sing that song from that kid's cartoon with the green haired kid that doesn't speak much and that triangle red head (Omg I've watched that show ages ago don't kill me xD)
Whenever i hear the words "Bow Chicka Wow Wow," I think of Phineas and Ferb...
aida sevilla
I expected phineas and ferb.. was disappointed.
You wish
didn't this song come out in 2010?
I had no idea Mike Posner was so cute!
Typical example of how woman don't like us men until they see we offer them something in return either be money wise or something special to call their attention. Then they be on top of us and with false 'I love You's'..
Geenasociah gibson
If Mac Miller and Justin timberlake had a child
so... this is not phineas and ferb?
Daniel Pisano
This was the song of my childhood, never knew mike posner sang it
Khes Moon
After hearing I TOOK A PILL I am rediscovering Posner
Your face is so unattractive but I can't stop looking at it!
I just clicked on this song because i thought it was of Phineas And ferb
Is this srsly the same guy who sang I took a pill in Ibiza?
Last Gen Gamers
Tucker from RvB is the real Bow chicka Bow Wow master