Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything (VEVO Presents)

Sara Bareilles performing King Of Anything live @ The Warfield, San Francisco. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything (VEVO Presents) Смотреть онлайн
I'm wondering how amazing it has to feel to see all of those people enjoying the music you create. I love her and her music so badly that I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to see her live.
Kelsey Holtgrieve
"It's a song about people who should mind their own fucking business." Love the live version partly because of that, and partly because she sounds amazing without autotune. Makes me sad to see so many people loving people who just repeat shitty lyrics over and over and shunning the people who can actually sing and have songs with some meaning.
I Sir Laughsalot
One of the only women I know that makes swearing sexy. ;)
Ygor Souza
this voice... those legs...
Anthony Pero
The perfect song for seeing your family during the holidays.
Rachel Butler
This song would definitely be on the soundtrack to my life.

P.S. If the language bothers you, feel free to go elsewhere. She's a grown woman, she's entitled to use whatever language she deems fit. They're just words; hearing them won't hurt ya, I promise. ;)
Why is she so underrate? I only know two other people who know her and like her. Others are just like " Is she the one who sang Love Song?"
Michael Sliter
Billy Joel isn't even dead yet, but he's managed to come back in female form.
Basil II Macedonia
She has such a beautiful smile.
Joseph Ranner
I would put a ring on it.
Laurensia Monika
Never get bored watching this over and over again. She is so perfect!
Jason Gastrich
I like the expressions you vacillate between. You're really talented and played this song beautifully. funny too lol
Anthony Pero
I've written two other comments on here over the course of like two years. So, here is a follow up. This song is my life. Over the past year and a half I've been pushed around. Pushed around by everyone into thinking they had my best interests. What it left me with was a literal broken heart and debt for a degree that was anything but was promised by a trusted adviser who was full of good intent, and one who travels the world helping third world countries. Unfortunately, this included never actually listening to me or my concerns with the program I was in. It just was me to afraid to offend because I thought I needed to make everyone happy. BUT NOW? I decided. I left that school effective on the 12/16/16 and am transferring to what will make me happy. My decision. No more bullshit. Sara has given me so much inspiration to continue on this path of finding my voice. For that I am eternally thankful.
Buenvenida André
Sara bareilles songs make me realize how happy to be alone. Alone with someone.
god i love her so much
Mike Rients
God she is Hilarious!!! I Love How she Swears also..... Most Beautiful Women don't!!! Hahaha
A Tiny Blues
Yustine Saptarini J
i love how the guitar harmonize at the bridge and the outro.
makes it lil bit moreee catchy xD
Love you sara from the early of your career!!
All the people who are uptight about her swearing seem to have missed the point of the song...
Liv Gray
i love hows she doesnt lip sink like most people do