Sara Bareilles - Hold My Heart (VEVO Presents)

Sara Bareilles performing Hold My Heart live @ The Warfield, SF. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

Sara Bareilles - Hold My Heart (VEVO Presents) Смотреть онлайн
solrac amcl
We can find a lot of good singers nowadays, but not true musicians. Sara is a true musician.
Eduardo Gregori
She's just perfect. Her lyrics, her melodies, her voice, her passion, her musical arrangements, her soul and heart. And I even find her incredibly attractive, to boot. She should be the greatest star in music. But then again, what does it matter? It's even better like this.
Robert Thomas
This woman owns every piece of music she performs. Astounding.
Fabian Savino Clemente
Is anybody listening?
'Cause I'm crying
Is anybody listening? 😢
Anastasia T
underrated singer. she really deserves more appreciation
mega zen
@sara bareilles. you always trigger my lesbian tendencies.. damn.
sandy de leon
come to manila sara please sing for all your filipino fans ❤❤❤

#MahalKita 😘
Mario Benintende
The end was totally like "Fix You" by Coldplay.
Would have been a mashup, I'd have cried.
Devin Lopez
Come to manila plsss! ❤
Mac Dee
Not gonna lie, I like this live version than the studio version.
Landon Wolfe
You are queen, Sara! Your music affects me more than any other artist. <3
Machín Vargas
She touches my soul.
She puts so strong feeling in each word.
Ted Lodestone
how I wish.. I can watch her live.. :(
Dangerous tune for us lonely hearts out here.
Jad Husin
Omg the solo part reminds me of Fix You by Coldplay! The mashup must be amazing as hell!
Scott Schriber
I'm mesmerized by this video. She is amazing.
Rene De Leon
this performance really digs deep into the soul.
Miradel Hilario
what is with this song that made me play about 3x in a row and just won't stop? simple, I felt the message in it. 😢😢😢
Lauren Colick
This is just stunning. Can't get enough
Eryn Greer
The media always hides the true talent like Sara, Jason Mraz, And John Mayer