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After all you put me through,

You think I'd despise you,

But in the end I wanna thank you,

'Cause you've made me that much stronger

Well I, I thought I knew you, thinkin' that you were true

Guess I, I couldn't trust called your bluff time is up

'Cause I've had enough

You were there by my side, always down for the ride

But your joy ride just came down in flames 'cause your greed sold me out in shame

After all of the stealing and cheating you probably think that I hold resentment for you

But uh uh, oh no, you're wrong

'Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to do, I wouldn't know

Just how capable I am to pull through

So I wanna say thank you

'Cause it

Makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder

It makes me that much wiser

So thanks for making me a fighter

Made me learn a little bit faster

Made my skin a little bit thicker

Makes me that much smarter

So thanks for making me a fighter

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My power song! <3
Dancing With B E L L A
I love her ♡ so motivational
Christopher lewis
This song is just badass. Some things you never forget.
ZIAD Ultras
in this Video<br /> I was nearly nine years old<br />I think it's a horror movie, for children to go to sleep quickly :D<br />I miss these days :'D
Damien John
Video reminds me of Silent Hill.
Amelia C.
15 years of <b>Stripped</b> <br />October 22, 2017<br />Happy Anniversary!!!
Nubian Goddess
All my fighters never back down
Queen C
2018 anyone????
Nurse Girly
Damn right im a fighter. I was bullied for my looks from 13-16. In grade 8 it was 25 boys against me. I had stuff thrown at me, I was kicked, punched, dragged, thrown, insulted, had all my belongings ruined, my house vandalised, it made my mom cry. I was sexually harassed by them too. I was the laughing stock of the school. I had teachers pulling me aside daily to make sure I wasnt suicidal. They didnt stop it though. I missed half of the year of school because I simply could not get out of bed. I still graduated. Grades 9 and 10 it continued. It seemed like everyone in town knew about it. I had people I didnt know come after me. ALL BECAUSE OF MY LOOKS. I was born with an anxiety disorder and depression came after the bullying. I laugh now. I laugh because they are all getting whats coming to them. Most of them are doing drugs and in jail. The main bully had a still birth with his gf who was just as awful (of course thats a tragedy but I dont feel for them, the lord rescued that innocent baby from a terrible life and situation). Here I am, a college graduate saving other peoples lives. Continuing to fight for others and myself <3
black water
I'm not into pop music, but i have to admit this is a great song, powerful and meaningful lyrics and and the video has such visual beauty.
Skarlett Blakk
i am definitely a fighter<br />and this feels like my life's song
Aaliyah Jahangeer
Who else is watching this in 2017? 😂😂😂
Hiram Monroy
Omg I'm watching all xtina's videos and now I'm in stripped era, this was so fucking powerful, so dark, so strong, can explain this albums talks about a lot of things that still happening now days, I love this album, her best album, best era, she said whatever she wanted, she felt it, I hope and one day xtina come back as strong as stripped era.
Isaac Riggs
During treatment for brain cancer I listened to this at least once a week.
I always wished she did more rock songs. :/
My personal anthem! As a queer person who grew up in another place and another time (when things were ten times tougher on people who were deemed different) I can't tell you how much this song speaks to me.
Ags Realistic
Its still one of the best songs and videos ever
like in 2017 !!!
Everytime I overcome really bad stuff in my life and come back from the brink of suicide I always end up hearing this song on the radio. Always. It's like my personal anthem to keep going or something.
Rami Kuseybi
The year Christina surpassed Britney Spears in every way. Such an iconic album