Matt and Kim - Cameras

Music video by Matt & Kim performing Cameras. (C) 2011 Matt & Kim Inc., under exclusive license to FADER Label

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Gabriel Aseron
2016 and still underrated. Winner.
Deen Pawlik
How does this only have 37000 views?????
Jacob Watson
That went from drum stick throw to attempted murder
I just can't believe that, after all these years, Jackie Chan still does his own stunts.
francesca demarco
I feel like whoever watched O2L knows this song by heart
2017 relationship goals on point 9999.9%
Joseph Stalin
Mental hospital memories. :-D
normal day at work guys???
I would love to see them in an action movie.
Ohshitethatsright Channel
These 2 need to be more mainstream. I listen to them everyday and still can't get enough. keep up the good work Matt and Kim! lots of love from WA!
Steph PQK
Matt and Kim make the most awesome music videos ever :)
Lost Tacos
Oh no where's the behind the scenes video ? :((((
Garrett Davidson
lawl shes got bigger arms than he does
Equal rights=Equal fights 💪
Evan Clawson
imagine Matt's pain when Kim hits his crotch with that stomping piece
Tyson Gilbert
Such a funny one
Drum pedal to the nuts. Nice.
Marianna Klana
chiddy bang:)
Sarah Collins
I feel like their music videos take on a different (and way better) light after you see them live. Their adorable.
kim ramirez