Lady Gaga - Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (Audio)


Lady Gaga - Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
FYI, Justin Timberlake said this is his favorite song from Born This Way.
Ugh I honestly miss the BTW era so much lol. She got so much shit for that era but it was honestly her best era, imo. I know in 20 years I'll still be thinking about how flawless this album/era was.
Constantine H.
Can't believe it only has 2m views. Deserves way moreeeeeee..
This Is My Revival One
- 2016 ?
Will Thompson
It's so addictive I play it all the time
Burqa Goulding
btw saved my life best album ever
Tony Gandalf
1980s disco in a nutshell.
Jason Cuy
This is pure class. Amen.
Pierre Alexander
One of the absolute best songs I ever heard
Gime Ibarra
This is fucking out of this world. Love it.
Zheru Thare
In school people they used to byllu me calling me Black Jesus, now I laugh a lot about that!
Gillian Coulon
GOOD TIMES trowback
Moisés Alejandro
It's so addictive!!!! <b>OOO</b><br /><br />Specially this part:<br /><br />Put it on, <br />Amen Fashion <br />Celebrate, uh uh! <br />Style your passion.♪♪*
My favorite gaga song
Manos Ermis
A MASTERPIECE....! <a href="">2:52</a> aaaou!! <3
michael moreno
This is one of the best songs from Born This Way, that album deserved much more attention. Gaga is the most genious artist we have right now
Felipe Andrade
I just can't believe this song doesn't have a music video
Catalin Lol player
i found this song yesterday and i love it !!!!!!!!
Jove Moya
2015 and still slayin.
jabir hoque
Holyshit why i never heard this amazing song ! i noticed it 2015 !! damm love that song